Thursday, October 08, 2009

Late full moon board

I was VERY tempted to whistle and look the other way, like I did in August and just miss this month´s full moon board BUT I showed up and finished it today.


First to honour Jamie´s efforts to put the full moon board posts together for us each month.

Second because I truly felt the lack of focus in August and September had been so fruitful that I didn´t want to fall back into my bad habits of "perfection or nothing". Ok, it is later than the 4th. I could sing like the white rabbit sang "I´m late. I´m late. For a very important date. No time to say hello, goodbye. I´m late. I´m late. I´m late"

Here it is my October full moon board. :)
*"The big jump" Where to? That´s what I´ll discover. :)
*It will be mother´s day here on the 18th. I wonder why we have a day so different from the Europeans in March or Americans in May. Maybe something to do with the nurturing quality of Mother Nature in spring. Anyway, magazines are full of Mother´s day ads like this one. I looooooove matching shoes and handbags. You alraedy knew that, they are always featured in my boards.
*Impecable style (I wish!)
*Two Agatha Ruiz de la Prada lipsticks. I never had any of the make up / clothes / objects that she designs but I love the colours and whimsical air they have. Red and green. Ermmmm ... should I stop or should I go?
*The usual flag and month from this months Elle magazine.
Side B. Something important about this side is that this month these were the stronger images. I put them on side B instead of side A because, as much as I was attracted to them, I didn´t want them to be my focus.
For example: the Prüne ad, I loved the sleek image of a girl with shorts and cool shoes and handbag. On second thought, I felt it was too grey. Non descript.
Same with the panther. mmmmmmmmmmmm, was my first thought. Too agressive and definitely too blue. I´m dettaching myself from the "blue everything" that used to be my style. I go for colour now. Lots of. :D
Still I go back to that side in an intuitive way. As a safe anchor.


peppylady (Dora) said...

I'll wish you a happy Mothers day.

Coffee is on.

Jamie Ridler said...

How fascinating to see the two sides to your dreams!

I'm so glad you decided to participate this month - may it bring focus, creativity and dreams come true to your month!

Happy Mother's Day too :)

Genie Sea said...

Lovely dream board!

May all your Harvest Dreams come to delicious fruition! :)


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