Friday, November 06, 2009

The Joy diet: week 8

How did that happen? Friday? No way! Can´t be!

The process this week (pics later as I´m at the "wrong" computer):

Saturday. Can we still treat (last week´s chapter was Treats) ourselves? Yes? Good! Because I bought myself something: a dozen beaded bracelets and a necklace. All for the nifty amount of 22 pesos (that is a bit over 3 pounds or 5 dollars) Colourful and bright. I shared some with Tati. :D

Sunday, friends for lunch. You could consider that playful. I know, I´m grasping at straws to make the theme fit. ;)

Monday, another treat in the form of puffy stickers (yes, I shared them with Tati too). Truth was slightly bruised by omission (nothing serious, just an ordinary day thing). Desire is still buried. Creativity is on the mend thanks to Art Every Day Month I liked what I did for Day of the dead . It is my favourite so far and quite playful in the sense that I took a topic like death and used light hearted embellies.

Tuesday, no time for nothing. Even creativity was hustled and not effective. It didn´t feel like playing. Risk? None.

Wednesday, got my Truth out there, loud and clear by taking the risk of expressing a wish (desire) of mine. I notice that the ingredients from the diet might be blending but I still need lots of working on my own recipe. :)

Thursday, business as usual. Nothing has been neglected (I love how you can read this affirmation both ways, lol!), no wandering away from truth (no need ;) ), creativity is up on the artsy sense, Oh! I missed desire (Freudian slip there), what was next? Risk, only doing new things like using the electronic till for depositing a check or so. Play. This offered more resistance than risk! Lots of "shoulds" attached to this one. It was easier to play when the kids were young and I played with them a lot. Nowadays I´m present but not doing the same thing. As in, I´m watching the war strategy computer game ds is playing or watch dd with her skateboard.

Friday. Working on the blend. :)


Lawendula said...

Just smiling. Great post! :)

Judy Hartman said...

What a great blog, Paula. I feel good just reading it!!

GraceGal said...

I smiled the minute I came to your blog. I knew I was in for a treat and I wasn't disappointed.

Karen D said...

thanks for sharing your mixed ingredients week with us here. Your recipe is perfect just as it is..


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