Saturday, January 23, 2010

~~Waving Hello~~

Honey, I´m hooome!

And the lady that helped me with the ironing quitted. Yes, with two weeks of dirty clothes for four in our bags. I took it surprisingly well. But then, it´s because I have decided that if I´m taking on her job, I´m taking her pay check as well. ;)

P.S: that is only part of the T shirts.


kikipotamus said...

Oh my, that's a lot of laundry. I like doing laundry, but I've never attempted to do it for a family of four!

misteejay said...

I don't blame you Paula, if someone else was being paid to do it and now you are entitled to to paycheque.

Thank you for the comments on my blog (still can't get in from my home PC). I now have a USB stick with everything that was retrieved from the old hard-drive but guess what - PC won't boot so I haven't been able to check what has been recovered...hohum!!!

Toni :o)

Serena said...

I HATE ironing but I do like your idea of taking her paycheck ~ :)

miss*R said...

ironing yuck.. I hate it with a passion ! so yes, I would definately be taking the paycheck.

grape tomatoes.. are shaped like a grape, same size and very sweet. they grow on a vine tomato plant and at the moment mine are around 8ft tall!

Tracey said...

Welcome home, good luck with all the laundry XXX


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