Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What do you wish to awaken?

Home. Tuesday morning.
As I was inviting one of Tati´s friends for a play date on the landline, another friend phoned me on the cell to invite Tati so the three kids plus Mati ended up in our kiddies pool.

Fast forward to Daniel arriving home and suspiciously looking at the thawing chicken and asking, "Are you putting that in the OVEN?!?!?!" The prospect of getting the oven on with 36°C + did not look too appealing. My sweet hubbie started the fire at the bbq outside.

Now a little note in case you don´t know me much: I don´t DO spontaneous. I fret and I worry in advance. I overwork and worry some more before doing anything like inviting someone home. Not that our home is messy, but I want "Beautiful homes and gardens" perfect before letting anyone through the door. We do invite people and our parties are lengendary in the sense that everyone comes and they stay waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy longer than at other places. But I worry for days in advance.

Another bit of fast forward to the moment when S comes to fetch her boy with her hubbie and daughter on tow. At that moment something surprised me. Just as if something was stirring and moving and taking over and before I could control myself the words "Would you like to stay for dinner? We´ll just throw a bit more on the grill" left my mouth. I waited for the panic to settle in. It didn´t.

Then C arrived to pick his girl up. By now L was screaming from the door "Tell mom to come, we are staying for dinner" Uh?

This is the story of how a dinner for four turned into a merry dinner for eleven. Because something woke up in me. The community sense, the tribe sense, the atavic gather round the fire thing.

This is the story of how dinner was kind of late with all the addings and the chat and how our guests left at 1.45am on a weekday with a smile on their faces, they bellies full and their hearts singing.

May the tribe be long awake and singing. ;)


Ginny said...

Paula, what a wonderful story and picture of everyone having fun. May you have many more spontaneous worry free dinners with friends.

Sulwyn said...

Paula, how wonderful! What an exciting way to be awakening!

Giulietta the Muse said...

Hey Paula,

How fantastic you did this! We're all getting so isolated. The awakening of the community within we need to fill the world with. Congrats!


Tracey said...

Good grief, that would have sent me into a flat spin, how wonderful you were able to embrace the opportunity and allow your natural personality to take over, wht a wonderful night it must have been, I agree that is what life is all about ( Tracey is now wandering off attempting to take a leaf out of Paulas book lol) good to see you back XXX

Serena said...

Now that's spontaneous! I think the unplanned, spur of the moment dinners with family or friends are often the best.


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