Monday, February 01, 2010

Almost 365 project: January Mosaic

First of February. Time to show my January almost daily pictures (hence the "Almost " 365 title ;) ) You can click on the mosaic to enlarge it.

1) Back to normal. No Christmas tree in the corner.
3) Las Leñas seen from the mountain slope.
4) Sitting on rocks, drying our feet after walking on snow. Yes, in summer.
6) Hubbie and me
7) The enchanted girl lake
8) Another fall we discovered
9) Hubbie by the river Salado
10) Me at San Carlos de Bariloche
11) Tati and me. It had snowed the previous night.
12) Cheese Fondue at the Swiss Colony
13) Lunch with a view (one of my favourite holiday pictures)
14) Cerro Catedral
15) Guillelmo Lake
16) A winding road at San Carlos de Bariloche
17) The desert highway
18) Ooooops. First day I forgot.
19) We found a place selling tacos & burritos
20) My diaries for 2010
21) L playing with water. It´s hot!
22) The kids
23) The ironing mountain.
24) Tati and her cousin V
25) Butterfly on the kitchen window
27) Ooops again.
28) New linen and baskets for Matu´s room
29) Should have been our cinema tickets but I have no idea where I put them
30) Tati´s artwork with magnets (That´s Candance from Phineas and Ferb)
31) Cleaning up my craft room.


365, a pic a day: 28/31 Not that bad :)
52 in 10: 1/4 journal prompts written. Will catch up this month.
Wish Casting Wednesdays: 2/4
365 monthly mosaic: done on time
Full Moon Board: a bit behind but in progress

Plans for February:

Keep up with the Jan projects.
Submit the ATC for publication
Catch up with the writers book (I had already started it a couple of years back and abandoned it. Will start again from the beginning) and keep up weekly
Do the 21 day thing.

1 comment:

Vicki Holdwick said...

Hi Paula,

I really like the idea of a picture a day.

May I "steal" it for the month of February?



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