Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Neopets Daily Dare results

This is where I´ve been. That and cleaning. This Domestic Goddess business is a lot of work! :D

Thanks for participating in the 4th annual Daily Dare! You've already claimed your prizes. Feel free to check yourInventory. AAA and Abigail are already training for next year, so you'd better start practicing!

Great job! Your dedication to the pursuit of gaming excellence has earned you a bonus!

You have been awarded a bonus 125 FREE NC for your participation in this year's Daily Dare! It may take several days for your NC balance to be updated.

Visit the NC Mall to start shopping!
You have been awarded a Daily Dare Theme for your awesome gaming skills! To apply the Daily Dare Theme, go to yourPreferences and select the Daily Dare Theme from the drop-down menu. Or, clickhere to apply it automatically.

Sorry, you didn't make any correct picks in the Staff Tournament.
Don't be too down, though -- you've won 1,000 Neopoints and a booby prize!
The item is in your Inventory. (Burnt bottom cupcake)

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