Sunday, October 03, 2010

Photo shoot series backstage

Once a year we have our picture taken at my in laws garden. It all started about 10 years ago by chance and now it is a family tradition.
I love the "kids growing up against same background" type of pictures. Lol!
Here is our 2010 picture.
The backstage, just before that one: laughing at niece ( 1 year old V ) trying to be in charge of the camera. His dad let her see the world from her point of view.
Ok, let´s play some more. I take the Canon Rebel XT and position the kids in front of the white azaleas. Give me your Psycho look!, I suggest.
Like this?
No, too cute yet. Go for more. That one is so much better.
Matu got into the spirit of the game.
Funny? Yes.
Totally hilarious.
And I got my perfect shot. This (after a bit of playing with saturation and brightness) will be my new desktop image.
Can we do an emo stunt?
No, we can´t. It´s way too funny.


misteejay said...

Paula, what wonderful photos. The garden setting is lovely. A fab tradition to have.

Toni :o)

Karen D said...

what fun pics Paula.. and I saw the pic in 4 Word Self Help, how cool!


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