Friday, October 01, 2010

The Happy Book

This week was not that happy of a week.
My happiest memory of it will be book related. I finally finished the Concannon sisters trilogy by Nora Roberts.
If you´ve ever read any two trilogies by her (and there are quite a few), you´ll know they only change names, locations and historical setting but the story remains the same. The bold (usually tomboy type), the sweet and the wise. This trilogy was particularly watered down in characters and the last story is practically non existant.
But it is finished and I´m cool with that.

Jamie asked us to see ourselves in 5 years time.
I have no idea. None whatsoever.

A few days ago was my 5th blogaversary, so instead of going forward I went back.

I was running around like Mac on a sugar high, {Yes, 5 years ago my kids were into Foster Mansion and I used that analogy :D }, I was really running around, I was loud, I was reflecting about being a sahm (shoot, I´m still at the same point, not good *roll eyes*), I had a nephew (going to his 5th birthday party this weekend), Tati was about to loose a tooth (she lost one this week too), Matu took his First Comunnion (he looks sooooooo little on that picture), I was reading Tom Peters book (I still hyperventilate with it, another "still the same" point and the WOW project notebook that I show is still empty), I insisted on celebrating dad´s 70th birthday even if he was no longer with us, I had very long hair and unfullfilled promises to myself.

I somehow feel I´m at a better place than I was 5 years ago and still, after reading October´s archives, I see that I´m very much at the same point in a lot of things.

I´ll make a greater effort at crafting the best life I can live for the next 5. See you here in 2015. :)


Rose said...

For me, books like Nora Roberts are a comfort blanket,even if they are poorly written. I always used to read them at my Nan's. My Mum, nan and me would all sit in her sun room and read the days away, watching the river drift by....

misteejay said...

So have you decided what you will be reading next?

I have Robbie Williams bio to read - just need to get some time to sit down and do so.

Toni :o)

WrightStuff said...

I hate to be disappointed in a book but I also very rarely stop reading... I just have to get to the end.

Grammy said...

I have not read any of her books.
Hope you have a wonderful week to come. See you next Friday.

Lynn said...

Hmmm - looking over the past five years...I think I'd rather look forward. Still pretty scary, no matter which way I jump. Sounds like you are pretty happy with where you are and have goals for the future. All good things.


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