Thursday, November 04, 2010

AEDM 2010: Day 4 Full Moon Board

I know the Moon is not full today. *cheeky grin* I participate of the Full Moon Boards on line, led by Jamie.
Here´s how it works (adapted from Jamie´s site):

Thing is ... I´m mostly always late. So I have a First of the Month Intention Board. Sometimes that one comes late too, like today´s. *sheepish grin*
What do I see here for November? Loads of yumminess in the form of my favourite things (notice I said things, not people): a creative center, boooooooooooks (many books, cool bookcase), brushes (different styles), net, summer boots (there are always shoes in my boards), successful conversations (you are here!).
On the other side, a very open view, a dress (very floaty, golden, ethereal)and trends. As I don´t put strangers faces on my boards I replaced her head with a Q&A from an interview to a painter. "What is the first thing you think when you are in front of a white canvas?" A little owl found it´s way there too.


Rowena said...

Nice full moon/ first of the month board. I am jealous of your summer. And I like that studio full of books.

pluckychickenheart said...

Hi Paula!

I love the idea of a full moon inspiration board. I usually make a list but a visual component adds more power to it I think.

Now.. I'll try not be be late as well. hehehehehe.....

Louise said...

Hi Paula, thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I would so like to hang out and be creative inside your dream board. It looks great! X

tammy vitale said...

oh let me 2nd "books - lots of books" only art makes my heart sing more!


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