Thursday, January 06, 2011

The 12th Night and the Three Wise Men

On January the 1st I took all the Christmas decorations down, except for the tree which must stay until the 12th night. On the night of the 5th when the kids (or young at heart ) go to sleep they put a pair of shoes by their bed (some families with light sleepers choose the room´s door) and the Three Wise Men will leave a present for them just like they did for Jesus so many years ago.


tammy vitale said...

My mom used to always say you had to take the tree down before 12th night. Well, we managed to get ours down today. I never heard of the shoe tradition. Lucky my daughter didn't either or for sure it would have become one of our traiditons!

misteejay said...

What a wonderful tradition. Here in Europe I believe the Dutch use shoes/clogs to receive gifts from St Nicholas, before Christmas.

Hope the "Wise Men" brought you some lovely gifts.

Toni xx


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