Friday, January 07, 2011

Seven days into 2011

And I finally finished my 2011 title page for the Full Moon Boards. I´m planning on getting back to Full Moons like in 2009 instead of the first of the month like in 2010. Tell you a little secret. I started the title page with an image like I´ve been doing for a while (March ´09 I think). As I gathered the words I noticed it was going to be completely covered. So I hid another image there. Layers. It´s all about layers.
Other side of the page. Very airy room, lots of light. The back was supposed to be finished and then I found the girl in a magazine I bought today.

I have bought the Para Tí issue with the dairy since 2006. Now I´m settled for my organizing tools of the year. *grin*

Update on 365 project: 7 out of 7. Yay me! :D


misteejay said...

Your 'boards' were so full of interest - glad you are getting back into them. Love the cover.

Toni xx

Anne said...

I stopped by to inform you that you have been given a Stylish Blogger Award! It works like tag post. Just share 7 things about yourself and pay it forward to other 15 blogs that you like.

Here's my post if you're interested in playing along!

Thanks for all the inspiration that you've given me and the encouragement during AEDM.

Anne said...

Ooops, here's the link for real this time:

Karen D said...

love the boards. I would like to get back to doing them also.

Have fun!



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