Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chapter 1: Half way there

Ta Daaaaaa! First Sunday after the launch. We are half way through Chapter 1.

How´s the process coming?

Have you showed up for your daily pages? Notice how I said daily and not morning? Cutting myself and some other non morning persons some slack. :D On Wednesdays my Wishcasting post for Jamie Ridler´s question of the week takes precedence and then the day gets crazy as usual. :) Saturdays ... well, you know ... lol! Rest of the week: I make breakfast and get everybody out of the door by 7.22AM (after the 7.20 AM traffic jam and before the 7.30 AM one) and then I get to work on my pages.

Artist´s date? Mine was chosen but not done. No worries, I have several planned for next week.

Your turn now, if you feel so inclined you might share what you´ve done so far.

How to share with MrLinky: you type in your name in the first box (the way you´d introduce yourself) and then the url/link to your post (not your whole blog url) where you share your work with the current chapter. When you come back next week your name will likely automatically be entered but you need to redo or paste over the url/link with your new post's address.

Before you go... As this is an artist´s project I want to share what my favourite artists are doing.
Let me introduce to you: Victoria Pettella. You can see her fabulous paintings at Enchanting The Invisible.

I asked her for permission to copy part of what she says in her About page:
I am in love with painting..the process..the journey..the world it opens and unveils before me. For me, painting brings me to life..something awakens within me..I must create... and yet the painting.. Already Knows the Way..directing me. It is the creator..and the act of creating is like an Intuitive Adventure unfolding before me.
All paintings are done in Acrylics, on canvas, or board. I paint in all styles and subjects, I truly just allow the painting to guide the piece.
Color is like music to me..I feel it, hear it, see it's energy...I experience it and sense it's vibratory spirit in everything! It simply feels natural to me to experience the world with kaleidescope glasses! So, I love color-expression ..I also love myth, metaphor and symbolism...and our own "inner mythologies" that we carry within and Universally. I tend to weave between the real and fantasy..I like things that almost appear real..but not quite..I like the Inbetween Realm.
I love when people share how the painting speaks to them..what it connects them to.....I learn even more through their words and feelings about the piece! I love if a painting can conjure an energy or feeling/emotion just by looking at it..or if it can invoke the inner spirit within someone..stir their vision and ignite insights.
When I paint..I am lost inside time and space..and the magic of it all..everything feels spherical and in motion..this space feels full of life.Whereas when I draw ..the world feels flat...I tend to be in "thinking mode"..captured in the mind.. and I tend to draw intricately and realistically...time is slower....I don't enjoy it as much...but when I paint, I feel free..I feel such release..I come to life... painting is pure freedom for rules..and I love that way of being..feeling and creating.
My paintings are what happens..when I answer the Invisible
Victoria Pettella


Ginny said...

Hi Paula,
I just wanted to thank you for all that you are doing. I loved Victoria's paintings and what she said. It was perfect for what we are doing. My post on Sunday maybe a little different than the others but I am trying to combine what I began awhile ago and works for me with the new journey I am on with your group. It will be interesting to see how it all comes together. Have a wonderful week and thank you again for starting this.

ileana said...

I try to do my morning pages before noon but don't worry about it if things get busy and I don't get to them until after lunch. I love the freedom this project is giving's part of the recovery, being kind to the spirit. :)

I'll check out your link...sounds inspirational! Thx for sharing.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Paula..hugs...thanks for your super generous heart and spirit and spotlighting little old me! YOu are a shining star and inspire many! Thanks for shining light in my direction! Many congrats and blessings on this wonderful art adventure you are on and the powerful work you are sharing with all! Shine on my friend!

Dream With the Fishes said...

Yes, thanks for sharing Victoria's words - and thank you to Victoria for allowing it! Beautiful, just beautiful. She puts into words things that I felt but don't know how to express so fluently.

I just posted about my Artist Date of this past week - and it's a dooozy! Sheesh. It took me HOURS to post about it. My whole Sunday is gone, boohoo. I need to get off this computer right now but first let me say that I am so looking forward to this next week, over the course of which I intend to do all the exercises I didn't get to this week (and I did plenty). And I already have in mind my next Artist Date. I'm having so much fun with this!! xo

" M " said...

Hi Paula ! I hope you had a beautiful weekend . So Im to do morning pages and I should probably get the book soon . Thanks for inviting me to join you on your journey with the Artist Way project.

See ya next sunday! : )

Anne said...

Great post, Paula. Glad you mentioned Victoria, she's a wonderful and inspiring artist!

Finally got around to posting my check in and linked it up. I'm having a lot of resistance, but am sticking with it. That you're organizing it all is so helpful!!

Thanks again and hugs to you!

Eliseo Mauas Pinto said...

Just landed on your blog driven while browsing Victoria Pettella...
nice blog you have... wish you all the best of this world...
As a humble recognition hereby is my Tune Pack with some music of my own which I guess you will find very evocative...

keep me in the loop!

bliss and blessings ☼


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