Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mid Chapter 1 Check In

1) Morning pages: I showed up 6 out of 7 days.
On Friday 8th I had to be at school at 7.45am for the Independence day event. {Our Independence day is July 9th}
As I told you before, Tati was chosen by her peers for one of the three honour positions escorting the Buenos Aires flag at all the official school events. The actual flag carrier position is rotative so she gets it one in three events. This time she was first escort.
Then life took over: art class, banking, bla, bla, bla, the usual comings and goings and I never got to my notebook

2) Artist´s date: On Saturday, one day shy of my first week, the Universe was kind to me and gifted me with an artist´s date at my doorstep. Literally.
We are staying at the Reydon Hotel in La Cumbre, province of Córdoba, Argentina. Right out of our room there is this little art gallery with watercolours by local artists of local points of interest.
While the rest of the family settled down I took the time to peruse the gallery. I paid special attention to the sources of light, the blendings of colours and totally delighted in the luminous beauty of the pieces.
Here´s my favourite:
3) Notes: I read the first chapter and let it simmer. Then I re-read it, underlining my favourite parts and copied some of those in my folder to keep it all together. Now I need to do the homework (tasks).
I compared notes to my 2007 version. I got so many more positive affirmations that I could relate to! Yay! On the other hand, some of the tasks presented a stronger resistence. Weird.


misteejay said...

The picture you found is lovely.

Life does tend to get in the way when you really don't need it to but it sounds like you are on top of things and keeping up with what you set for yourself.

Have a great week.

Toni xx

Anonymous said...

Yay! What a fortuitous occurence that your Artist Date came to you on a silver platter! I just got my Artist Date squeezed in yesterday, as well. I just finished posting about it and it took me all damn day to do so. Damn Blogger!

It's so wild that you mention that - I've found the same thing to be true...the greatly reduced resistance to the affirmations from the first time I read the book (in around 2000). I am also finding that I'm having a hell of a lot more inner stuff happening this time around. I think it's because we're doing it in a group setting and I'm taking the doing of the exercises much more seriously. ALOT has been happening internally!! Turmoilish and very excellent stuff, as well. Much to discuss at check in next week.

Congratulations on your daughter being picked for such an honor! And I send my encouragement over the airwaves for you to keep up the great work in showing up to the page - 6 out of 7 days is awesome. Especially as you only missed a day due to other responsibilities. That's life and it's just fine.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Sounds like your artist date was great... and handed to you. That is the kind to have. 6 out of 7 is great. What a great start.

Beverley Baird said...

What a lovely way to spend your artist's date! Love the painting!
Hope you have a wonderful week this week!

Ginny said...

I did not get to enjoy an artist date last week but I am going to plan something special for this week. I love the watercolor you shared. I love when our artist date is ready and waiting for us and all we have to do is show up.

ileana said...

I had some resistance with those tasks, too, which is why I chose the hardest...the one about the monster hall of write about on my blog.

I believe I only skippe done weekend but now I'm back on those morning pages and looking forward to the quiet time each day. It's almost becoming like a journal...a very honest, open one. Hope it doesn't get in the wrong hands, as I jot down just about anything that pops into my mind while I'm at the breakfast bar sipping my coffee.

Have a great week and be gentle with yourself on those tasks. :)

Anne said...

Sounds like a great date, Paula! Glad your experience is going so well!

misteejay said...

Hi Paula, thought I'd drop by again as I'd like to share a blog award with you (piccy & details on my blog)

Toni xx

The Crafty Elf said...

Wonderful, awesome, fantastic and thank you for sharing your pictures with us half way around the world. Life with children is busy don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Priorities, priorities, priorities!

Her Speak said...

Ooooh this is exciting watching everyone's adventure! :D

Mare/TommyGirl said...

This sounds like it was such a great adventure!


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