Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chapter 2: Check In here

It´s been a joy to see you all working your way through the book these weeks. Things are happening, emotions are stirring, light is coming in.

How are your daily pages going?

Gone anywhere nice for your artist date?

Which was your favourite task? Did you put one of them aside lightly? Did you throw one away with great force? Any beatific smiles these two weeks? Any tantrums?

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Anonymous said...

I continue to have a ball with this stuff - no matter that some pretty murky stuff is being dredged up. It's amazing to see these things about myself in the light of day for the first time in a long time, or for the first time ever!

In answer to your questions:

Daily pages - check.

Artist's Dates - Yes! and FUN!!!

Favorite Task - #3: List of 20 things I enjoy doing.

Task tossed to the wayside: 2 of them (9 and 10)

Task FLUNG to the wayside: the twice daily rereading of the Basic Principles.

Beatific Smiles: The realization that Life is truly in the details and paying attention to them is the key.

Tantrums? Oh yes. When I found my little bit of free time for pages & affirmations being usurped by unforseen and urgent things come to snatch my pages out of my hands.

I look forward to reading about everyone else's week and experiences!


ileana said...

The morning pages are the toughest for me now...although when I'm doing them I do them with joy. I honestly forget them on the days I rush off at 6 am for hockey camp with my son (which will be EVERY DAY this week!).

The artist dates are later in the afternoon and I've been enjoying them.

My list is long and beautiful...26 things on it now!

I've started some a pretty good thing, thanks to our book and book group...stop by and see! :)

Lindsay said...

To me, starting is the hardest. I need to have a lot of concentration to have a creative imagination, after I started, words begin to flow. You won´t believe this, but I decided on a whim to rent apartments in buenos aires and go to Argentina to write in a more calm and relaxed environment!!!! What do you think? I believe it will give me more inspiration.
I´ll tell you more in some days, when I know exactly where I´m going to be staying and for how many days.


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