Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chapter 2 Check In, an unexpected lot of writing happened

Control point:
1) Morning pages: gold star for me, 14 out of 14 days for this chapter.
I admit my gold is a bit tarnished as they were not actually morning pages (more like "as soon as I can fit them in") and they were not three. Furthermore, my goal is two but on three days I only got to one. A bit chipped and rusty but it is my star and I like it. :)
2) Artist dates:
Week 1: the Independence House Museum. That´s where we recorded the video for Jamie. That´s me on the left, with my kids. Pic taken by a another tourist (hubbie was working).
Matias, 15, my director and editor.
Tatiana, 12, my producer (she provided the camera).
Week 2: a visit to the Casa Carnacini, a local art museum. It was the living digs of Ceferino Carnacini, a painter. Still has a lot of his and his friends´work in the house itself in the form of murals and ceiling paintings. This month they are having an exhibition by Carlos Paez VilarĂ³.
This was my favourite piece. A landscape showing his home in Uruguay, Casapueblo.

BIG paintings with bold acrylics. So totally my style. :)
Tati by the one of the pictures of the catalog.
Not actually artist dates but playfull dates. We were without power so we played a lot of board games. Yay.
A visit to the mall with my mom and the kids.

3) Homework Assignments. This is where I wrote so much, specially compared to my 2007 version (which I was careful not to read till now, so I was not influenced by it).

3.1. Affirmative reading

I still skim over them, but I´m not as dissmissive as I was.

3.2. Where does your time go?

I don´t have a job outside the house anymore, so that went off my list. And also all the driving time. Food is still high on the list. I like the way I subdivided it in 2007: buy/process/dishes. This time around I´m taking all the housechores on me (no more hired help) so I got: cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking with subdivisions. Kids and on line activities still going strong but more organized.

3.3. Twenty things

It took me a long time to come up with them. In fact, I wrote the list in three separate times. Give me a minute to check what I have in common. *Paula notices she is humming the "We are Furiously Dangerous" song chorus while she is writing her exercise. Funny*

Ok. Done. Only 12 things in 2007, 18 this time around. Wooooow! I didn´t put "Taking pics"! What happened to this Happysnappy?!?!?!?!. Getting mail and putting puzzles together also disappeared from my list. Coffe and TV are on both (although I had completely cut my tv watching time, some series like CSI creeped back in). More art related things in 2011. On line chat was changed by FB messages.

3.4. Two things

It seems I´m quite good at doing things I like. ;)

3.5. Affirmations

Nope, sorry girls. I was not going to "waste" my paper and ink on a repetitive thing. I did write about the blurts that came with the three affirmations that caused the most resistance.

3.6. Imaginary lives

Are you curious about my lives this week? Here they go: astrologer/tarotist, paperback writer, something for Disney (I still don´t know what), researcher for an American TV company, researcher for documentaries (think History channel).

3.7. Life pie

I made 4 concentric circles. Spirituality is the only area I´m on the outer circle. Not because I have everything clear but because I´m working on it. I´m showing up. Again and again. Exercise is on the smallest. I know I have the potential for more but just don´t want to.

3.8. Ten tiny changes

The six from the 2007 version: Two were done. Ouch, after four years learning Photoshop is still on the list. The new ones, all small doable practical things like buying a new plant for my entrance hall.

3.9 Choose one change: change the pics on the mantel with newer ones.

3.10. Do it. *sigh* Forgot about it. There´s always next week. :D


misteejay said...

Paula, it is so interesting reading how you are doing with this project. Very thoughtful and informative.

Toni xx

ileana said...

Wow! This post has all kinds of goodies in it. Love that you introduced your director and's nice getting to know the folks behind the scenes! :)

I love board games, but didn't recognize the one you were playing. Is it like Parcheesi?

Researcher for documentaries sounds like fascinating work. Don't mind if I join you? We could go on location in funky faraway Eat, Pray, Love thing with The Artist's Way group might be fun, too. Book research, that's what we could call it! ;)

Thanks for the inspiration, amiga! Keep up the good work...and don't forget to play hard, too! lol

Maggie said...

Those are excellent! Wow! You're hitting them all - great job!! woo woo!

Anonymous said...

This was a great check-in post! You manage to get in so much while still taking care of family. Impressive and inspirational! Very helpful to see your process in these exercises/tasks. It makes me think of other ways I could have approached mine. Oh, and your not so gold star sounds wonderfully "shabby chic!" LOL!

I LOVE those paintings in the house museum! They're absolutely just my style, as well. It's so nice to see pictures of you and your family having fun together.

BTW, my spirituality slice of pie is also my most impressive slice - and for the same reason as yourself. My puniest pieces are tied: exercise and romance/adventure. Boo hoo!

Onward and upward!

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Great star you have there. Very good for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula, I'm so happy to be a part of this group. I am a week behind since I started late but I am having a great time!

Week 1 was very inspirational and I had a blast on my Artist Date. I shared some pictures on my blog:)

Much love, Tia

PS fun *seeing* you at Jamie Ridler Studios dreamboard class!

Ginny said...

Paula, it is incredible all that you accomplish each week. I definitely think you deserve a gold start probably a lot more than one. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your family with us.

Anonymous said...

Paula, thanks for keeping us organized and on track. It helps to be accountable - to know that I need to "check in" for example. Otherwise I would just put off doing the work.

I tried to do this book on my own once before, and was hopelessly lost. It is going much better this time, thanks to you and our little creative tribe!

Anne said...

You're doing great with your chapters. I'm so glad you're getting so much out of this, too.

I think it's funny that you still haven't learned Photoshop because that's one thing that has been a goal for me (not as part of doing this book, but in general) for a while. I just can't seem to get motivated to do it. I guess I'm more than a bit intimidated. AND I have so many other things I want to do.

I don't think there's any tarnish on your gold star!

Thanks, again, for organizing all of this!

Oh, and that museum looked like such fun!

Beverley Baird said...

You have been working hard on Chapter 2. Especially love the artwork you shared!
On to Chapter 3!

Lynn Stevens said...

Your so organized! Ohhh I think I need a few lessons from you!

And I haven't even started Photoshop. LOL
Kudos to you for getting so much accomplished, You deserve a Gold star!

hugs Lynn

Mare/TommyGirl said...

You're doing great! And Board games - I love your ideas!

Kavindra said...

Somebody looks more and more like their mommy every day!


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