Monday, August 15, 2011

Another sparkling week (#2)

Second week of Jamie Ridler´s Sparkles e-course.
This is moving my energy, I tell you.
Every morning at 11am I get my e-mail which is perfect for me as I can fit the prompt somewhere along the day.
This week a lot of synchronicities happened in the way that a few of the suggestions were already taking place in my daily life or I had done them a few days before.

Day 8: this sparkle by Christen Olivarez involved an iPod. I actually KNOW she didn´t imply I should have an iPod (which I didn´t). Any mp3 thingie would be ok. Even my laptop was good. But as much as I had so far resisted going Mac (i´m a PC girl, Daniel is an everything Mac fan and even Tati had saved for her own iPod) I now sooooooooo wanted an iPod.
Let me introduce you to my Kepler. Kepler is the name of Nasa´s project: a search for habitable planets, that is exactly what my iPod does!

Day 9: Kate Swoboda ´s made me think. And then made me work, just in time for the Full Moon. :D

Day 10: Suzie Ridler´s turn to Sparkle. Have you visited her foodie blog? It will make you drool and go to your kitchen. :) Adding a bit of pizzaz to my polenta that day, inspired by her.

Day 11: Danette Relic stated that this mission is a secret! So I´ll keep it that way. ;)

Day 12: another of my blue hands pictures fitted the bill for Amanda Oaks´s Sparkle. I love the multipurpose posts. Lol!
Day 13: this one looked extremely difficult but huge fun. It was. Thanks Jennifer Lee for something totally new to try. :)

Day 14: Christine Claire Reed´s prompt involved this. Real colour is "you-´ll-make-us-all-blind-with-that-bright-orange". :D
Wanna play too? Find Jamie´s course here. Registration is always open.


Suzie Ridler said...

Yay! I love that idea, adding pizazz, LOL, that rocks and you did amazing. You are sparkling big time my friend. :) Glad I could help you make that polenta your own. So important, you are doing great!

misteejay said...

I'm resisting an iPod as I really can't justify the cost (but I'd love one if money were no object).

Those blue hands certainly sparkle my friend LOL

Toni xx

" M " said...

I know right ? Them Synchronicities are pretty intense when your tapped into it . Yeah send me the info on the Chapters you were talkin' about to my email which is

Off to go Sparkle ; P


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