Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chapter 3 Check In,sparkling synchronicities

I sailed through the tasks in Chapter 2 humming happily so I never expected Chapter 3 to be a smack upside down my head. (Take a second to imagine my head going Toiiinnng, yeah you can smile, no probs, go ahead, giggle at the thought ;) )

1) Morning pages. 13 out of 14 days but I wrote double the day after not going to the notebook. No big Ah Ha! moments just going over and over to do lists.

2) Artist´s date: none. First week in the six we´ve gone through.

3) Tasks

3.1. Describe or draw your childhood room. Get a coffee, this is going to be long.

Knowing what I know now about energy and such I´m amazed I´m not in a perpetual overwhelmed state. My dad was a shrink. A good one. The one that took cases that other therapists couldn´t handle. This is good right? Yes, it is. The down side is that he worked from home. You know where this is going now? Yes, MY room was his practice. I had an inmaculate adult room. No personal things whatsoever. Unless you count my dad´s diplomas, books and art. It was only in recent years, after he passed in 2003 that I´ve come to realize the type of life I led. They say kids should be seen but not heard. I was neither. Don´t get me wrong. They were loving parents and gave me their full attention whe

n they were available. It´s just that I didn´t have my own space.

3.2. 5 traits

I was your typical latino 8 year old: long hair, tartan skirt (are you trying to place this picture timewise? 1975), cuddly doll. Her name was Claudia, like the auntie that gave her to me. My bunny was Adam like the Bonanza´s older brother (the one in black).

3.3. More 5s

List 5 childhood accomplishments.

I had an excellent memory and a way with words plus a huge amount of responsability. I aced every year from Kindergarten to the last year of high school. Got every academic medal available, even the Gold National one when I got my librarianship diploma at 24. No good at sports though.

3.4. Habits

I´m one of the worst procastinators ever. On the other hand I didn´t get too caught up with what Cameron considers bad habits. They show a huge amount of judging from her part and a slight bit of pontification on what she feels is "right".

3.5. Nurturing friends. Do you mind if I keep my list private? No? Thanks darling. {hug}

3.6. Call a friend…

3.7. Inner Compass

This week I worked on my Wishcasting Journal and the Full Moon board, listening to my inner compass by doing an “artist brain” activity. I still need to revisit these.

8. List 5 people you admire. I´ll keep this one in my notebook too. K?

9. List 5 people you wish you’d met who are dead & 5 people who you’d like to hang out with for all eternity. My list is full of family members. I´d love to know the stories of my elders and of course I´d love to see my loved ones again.

10. Compare the two sets of lists

Compare what you really admire, and what you think you should admire. Go with the true side of you for a while. I don´t really know what I´m expected to do with this one! *puzzled look*

4) Others:

As you know I´m receiving the e-course Sparkles mails. Some of them were about things I had done just a few days before as if things were aligning for me. And yes, syncs showed up.

I jotted down notes on what concepts I wanted to remember. Four pages full of them.

We were asked to do something nurturing, such as reading a good review or recalling a compliment. I created a "tribe luv" folder in my Outlook to keep all the nice things that people say in their messages.

We were told to remember that even if our work of art was rotten and awful, it is a stepping stone to the next one. Whew! I´m glad. I was labeling my stuff as too simple and definitely too scarce.

I had forgotten about the "Make an immediate commitment to make something new.Then make it!" approach when I started my new blog in Spanish. {Happy wave at Tia who left me my first comment there!}


Ginny said...

I am not surprised that you did so well in school. Your excuberance for learning and trying new things shines through all of your posts. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us.

ileana said...

You were a smart young chica, and for being a procrastinator you get a lot done, AND you encourage others to do the same!

I think I'll start a file with all the nice things people say to me...starting...right away!! :) I won't procrastinate! :)

misteejay said...

What a lovely photo of you Paula - a lovely keepsake.

Toni xx

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

I love the photo of you as a child. Thanks for posting.

" M " said...

Wow! that was a beautiful blog post.
Im tryin' to keep up with the Artist way project , I still haven't got the boook , I have it on my mind to get it hopefully sooner than later.
The Jamie Ridler e-courses have really been great , thanks for asking . The Sparkle course is great don't ya think ? How are you with the Sparkle course ?

Anne said...

Wonderful post. Love that pic of little you. :)

You're doing great with The Artist's Way. And you certainly are Sparkling! So fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Great idea on taking notes for comments! Thanks for the tip. Really helful for remembering what I wanted to say.

Now that makes me so sad, knowing you didn't have a room of your own or personal things as a child. I know our parents always meant well, but still, there are these things that leave scars. Thank goodness the blessings outweighed everything.

Ahh, we're the very same age! I was 8 in '75, too. What an adorable little girl. And way to go on the academic achievement! I only held up until I was almost done with high school, then things started falling apart for me.

I'm right there with you on being one of the worst procrastinators ever. But look at us sticking to things now! You just made me go back to look at what habits Cameron considers bad. They hadn't hit me like they struck you. But, now that you mention it, there were other places where I definitely got that same feeling over something she said.

OMG! You had the same response to task #10 that I did!!! I was also stumped over that one.

Thanks for sharing so much detail with us in this post. It's so helpful seeing how others are processing and hearing about their progress and experiences along the way. You're such the perfect hostess and guide on this! I can't believe how much growth we're all seeing in such a short time. And we're only 1/3 of the way through! You're doing so much more with all these other good things you're particpating in. Pure awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow. Sorry. I didn't mean to write that much. (sheepish grin)


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