Sunday, August 07, 2011

Chapter 3: Half way there

I met Katie many moons ago at UKScrappers. There is a ton of stories I could tell you about those days and one or two I couldn´t. ;) She is a strong, talented woman with a passion for ink and glitter.

She is member of the Bombshell stamps team. You can find her inky, glittery creations at her blog and also her scrapbook layouts at her Glittery Katie´s Scrapbooking blog.

Want to try her Blue Koi card? Curious about how to keep those stamped lines showing? Click here to learn the trick.

Now on to our own artist´s way.

How are the morning pages going this week? Are you getting comfy with them or tired of them?

Have you been reading your tasks? Any that made your eyes sparkle? One that you wish you had never even read?

If you could choose anywhere in the world, what would your ideal artist date be like?

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Dream With the Fishes said...

Ever onward! Yes, I did my morning pages every day this week. Some morning's I enjoy them, others I am thoroughly bored with them, yet I wouldn't dream of dumping them. And I had a lightbulb moment with them on one day during this past week, which I wrote about in my post. Did almost all of the tasks. LOVED most of them this week - this going back into childhood memory is something that apparently brings me much joy! As for any that I wish I hadn't read, well... yes. Numbers 5 & 6. I also wrote about why I say that in my post. Must do a double artist date this coming week, though, as I missed out on one this week. Best wishes to you and all for a wonderful week ahead!

Anne said...

Sorry for posting two links. For some reason before I could copy my URL for this week, it put last week's up there instead.


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