Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chapter 4: Check In here

Welcome back my dearest rebels!
Wait! You are not at the wrong book club! It´s here! I bet you are one of the rebels this week at The Arist´s Way by Julia Cameron.
From what I could see in my rounds both in blogs and Facebook, the "no reading" rule was sending us in a ... how can I call it? Moody mood? Full blown tantrum? Choose your pick. :D
Anyways, time to check in for Chapter 4.
1) Morning pages. Have you showed up? Have you noticed a change in pace?
2) Artist´s date. If you are in the path of Hurricane Irene, stay safe!
3) Tasks. Chose one? More than one? Did them all grinning? Mumbled your way through some?

And now, let me introduce to you: Carina Salvatore.

I met Cari six years ago when our kids were in Year 1 class together. Many talks about red notebooks, first lessons and packed lunches later I learnt she was an artist. Those who have been following this blog for a while will remember her taking part in the "Chula´s adventures" series. Yes, she is cool & fun like that.
She studied at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes P. Pueyrredón here in Buenos Aires and has been participating in exhibits both in Argentina and Germany ever since. She has also won many national prizes like the First Prize from Fundación Caseros and the one from the Salón APSI as well.

When I asked her which of her painting was her favourite she couldn´t really choose just one.
As she kept talking about each of them fondly she told me that this one is the one she keeps at home.
Here´s a selection of her work. The colours are a metaphor of the earth, water, wind and fire. In any of my Bariloche tagged posts you will find the landscapes that were her inspiration. Man appears in between a game opposites and is suspended in space but at the same time grounded and elevating his conciousness towards the sun. Carefully multiple and yet one. Silence and vastness.

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misteejay said...

The picture she keeps at home is lovely - thank you for sharing this artist's work with us Paula.

Toni xx

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

It is always great to read your posts. Yes, lots were rebelling.

tiatuenge said...

Hello Lovely. I was glad not to be the only one choosing to skip the reading deprivation. Hey aren't we on chapter 5 now...? I finished chapter 5 today and am posting about it. If I'm ahead that's great because I'm working all week out of town and wont have much time to luxuriate in The Artist's Way. Besos:)

Dream With the Fishes said...

So good to be back! Just did what will have to be my check-in post for the week and will be back to visit longer in the coming week. For now wanted to drop in and say hello, see how's things. Those paintings by your friend here are aMAzing!! So metaphysical! They're really stunningly gorgeous. Okeedokee, my friend... I will return for a more in depth visit soon! XO

Dream With the Fishes said...

Okay, I just did a REAL COMPLETE check in for Chapter 4. Phew!


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