Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chapter 4 Check In, the rebels week

All in all, this was an ugly chapter. Truly. I almost ignored my own deadline and avoided sharing this week but I´m keeping this honest. Here you have it. Next time will be so much better. Promise. :)

1) My daily pages this week: 5 out of 7. On Wednesday a cold took me by surprise and knocked me for six. Final count for the fortnight: 12 out of 14.
2) Another unexpected artist´s date as I discovered the local Town Hall had a new oil paintings exhibit when I went to pay our tax.
3) Tasks.
This is the proof I didn´t follow the "no reading" thing for this chapter. My picture a day for August 27th was the book I finished. I love Maeve Binchy´s books, specially the ones that have short stories that tell the same story line from different perspectives according to the characters.

3.1: Ideal environment. Easy: here, now. My neighbourhood has the perfect size for me. Big enough to have all the services I need, small enough to get to know people.
3.2: Me at 80. This one was a complete surprise. Maybe due to the cold, maybe some other things that have been happening, I saw myself in a nasty light. Tired, defeated, still with unaccomplished projects (but in a "it´s too late" way). Awful.
3.3: Me at 8. I smiled at the amount of doll´s names I could remember. I had such faith in me. I was going to be a glamorous, famous astronomer.
3.4: Private space: I already have it.
3.5: Changes? Can´t say I see much this week. Gifts for my inner artist: knitting magazines, base acrylic colours, a journal.
3.6: Artist´s Prayer. I think it was Danielle LaPorte who said "let us shine" before each event. It covers both her and her audience. I like that one.
3.7: Longer artist´s date: N/A
3.8: Get rid of ugly clothing: I do this on a regular basis. I have an "one in, one out" system. If I buy something, one item of the same category must go.
3.9: Why do I keep quiet in the face of conflict? Because it gives me time to think. And it may go away on its own. Hopefully.
3.10: reading deprivation: it just didn´t happen.


Her Speak said...

Awesome insight. I have the "one in--one out" rule too. Love it! Keeps things fresh: helps you hold on to things that bring you joy and say "goodbye" to those things that don't. :)

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how we all had such an averse reaction to Chapter 4. I still do want to post what little I managed to do for that chapter, but I'm now really into and enjoying chapter 5. I'll probably squeeze in a chap 4 recap as some point before the next week is done, though. I felt sad and wanted to give the 80 year old you a big warm hug and say, no no! It's never too late dear one! That same story line from different perspectives sounds like a very interesting thing! I've never read any of Binchy's books. How cool that you found yourself on an impromtu artist's date while going to pay your taxes! I like your short, sweet, and perfect prayer choice. When I read the one in the back of the artist's way, I loved it so much I've decided to make it my own.


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