Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My own Chapter 7 check in

1) Morning pages: 13 out of 14. Mostly afternoon/evening pages. Some shorter than usual. Some quite angry. I´m uncovering old stories of mine that still hurt.

2) Artist date: our neighbourhood has been changing a lot these past couple of years with many new buildings. Some of these have shops on the ground floor. One of those shops was opened on October 6th two streets from home: an art shop!
Yay! This pic was taken on the same day. Nowadays it has a pretty sign.
I walked around a bit to have a look at other new shops and I discovered one a bit out of the way that sells handmade pieces. I will be interviewing the owner soon. :)

3) Tasks:
3.1) I didn´t make the required sign. Ooops.
3.2) Music and doodles: not yet but it is still in the cards.
3.3) Sacred space: ditto
3.4) Aromatic atmosphere at home: does wet dog smell count? It´s been raining so much poor Frida doesn´t have any other option! On the other hand I cook on a regular basis so homemade food smell is a given.
3.5) Wear something special on an ordinary day: another regular thing for me.
3.6) Buy yourself something pretty:
At 12 years old Tati reached the "I need something NEW to wear" stage. *slight roll of eyes ´cause I was sooooo different* Then a-shopping we go. A few tshirts and accesories. Why do I post it here? Because I chose some accesories for me too. We discussed possibilities to maximize the use of those. Imagine the convo: "If I choose the black barrette and you take the purple flower I can use them both with the new top." "Ok, but the bracelet is mine!" "May I use it too mom?" "Of course my darling. Mmmwa!" :D
3.7) Collage. Just in time for The Full Moon Board. This month Jamie says:
Under this moon, what harvest do you want to invite into your life? What would I like an abundance of?
Coulours and art! :D Very "spring" board. Please remember I´m on the Southern Hemisphere so I´m going into summer here. Totes and owls, the art blossoms on line.Side B: shoes and bags again! I had missed them. A lot of "grown up" images, many deep coloured accesories: bag, shoes, make up, a titanium watch, bracelets. What is that bonsai tree doing there?
3.8) Favourite movies: the ones with races, things that explode and the good ones win in the end. :D A short list: Star Wars (the original one), Fast and Furious Tokyio drift, Men in Black, Star Trek (teh new one), Los peques (local).
3.9) Favourite reads: Nora Roberts books, light detectives stories and creativity ones.
3.10) Put the collage in a visible place: I do that every month! :)


Melinda said...

love your colorful images you chose! Makes me smile!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Here's to an abundance of colour and art! And shoes!

And you know, when I saw the bonsai my immediate thought was "prosperity"! Maybe money does grow on trees!

Gloria said...

Love the colors Paula. Sounds like you've been busy, that's a good thing.:) Take care

mtnmermaid said...

Sounds like you've been very busy! Wow - going into summer...your colors are very summer festive.

jtaormino said...

Really like how some of the images you chose are so large! Yes, lots of color, but also variety... patterns and bold colors mixed together. Sounds like you're ready for summer :)

SarahVee said...

Love your art online! The owls and bags are beautiful. Here's to an abundant spring for you:)


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