Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AEDM 2011: Day 15 Sketch on the go and a new nephew

I´ve been working on faces. To begin with I´m copying them from magazine ads and have one or two out of my imagination, like this one.
When I say I´ve been working on faces, I mean I´ve done six. I like hair and I play with it. I quite like eyes and I feel I will be able to work on them a lot. What I don´t like are ... yes, you guessed! Mouths. After three attemps at this mouth (I know, I know, I can´t get a closed mouth right and I´m playing with teeth already) I just covered it for the picture. This will be both my working table picture and my art picture for November 14th.
On other news: this is why I was sketching on the go on November 14th. Our new nephew. T was born at 9.04, weight: 3,564Kg and lenght: 52cm.
Welcome T!


Gwen Hughes said...

T is so beautiful and so handsome:)
I think magazine pages are good places to start for doing faces. Mouths, yes, are tricky...if I were you I'd leave the teeth out...not literally on the table, just do a closed lip portrait.
Teeth are for the experts like Michelangelo...did he do teeth?
Nice work, anyway!
Gwen xx

Denice @ inkstitch said...

Awww... Welcome beautiful baby T. And thank you for sharing. I agree that open mouths are hard... enough to tempt a person to switch to Manga! ;)

Scarlet said...

T is adorable. Congratulations!!

As for faces, I'm obsessed with them and all I can tell you is to keep practicing. It's not easy but it is ALL in the shading, amiga. Great job on your drawing, btw!!

Ginny said...

T is so beautiful. Congratulations to all! I find faces fascinating to draw but hard to do. I also love to draw eyes with lots of long eyelashes.

girlunwinding said...

First off, beautiful baby!! what a sweet face. Drawing people, let alone faces is a little scary to me. I think you are doing great!

Sweet-Lemmon said...

Awww! T is adorable! Felicitaciones! Another Scorpio to the world:)

Great sketch!

tracy said...

Congratulations! Mouths are tricky. I've always enjoyed drawing eyes too.

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

Drawing faces is such a challenge but you look as though you are sailing through it... welcome little T how sweet is he!!!


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