Saturday, November 26, 2011

AEDM 2011: Day 26 My own Chapter 10 check in.

For Art Every Day Month I post every day what I created the day before. My working table on Nov 25th was not really a table. :DA quick face sketch. This time I´m not facing my fears. ;)
One I created a couple of weeks ago but had not shared.
Now onto The artist´s way by Julia Cameron. Almost a week late but my tasks are done. :)

1) Morning pages: 13 out of 14. My pages have equal measures of gossip and plans. {Almost} no whining. ;)

2) Artist´s dates: I´m participating in Art Every Day Month. It´s like going to a modern art museum each day. :D

3) Tasks:
3.1) The destructors: housework & food (and sometimes family) are the main, not destructors but interruptors. :D I stand up from my working table and go "do" something.

3.2) My touching stones: almonds, chocolate, coffee, songs by El Cuarteto de Nos, P!nk, Ok Go and The Beatles, notebooks, folders, pens and pencils, books, bookmarks, office supplies in general, necklaces, skirts, sandals, the net.

3.3) The truth:
* The habit that gets in the way: the dispersion

The noun DISPERSION has 3 senses:

1. spreading widely or driving off
2. the spatial property of being scattered about over an area or volume
3. the act of dispersing or diffusing something

Yes, that´s about it for me. I´m widely spread, dispersing my energy and resources. Totally focused ... for about a quarter of a second. Then the next shiny thing requires my attention and I stand up and get away from my working table.
*The problem: everything must be taken care of before I can have time for myself.
*The plan: honestly, to keep going. I´d rather develop better routines to streamline housework and then have some time for me than just take the time.
*The prize: mental peace. Nobody can give me grief for not having fullfilled my duties.
*The friends: I´m not naming names, just in case. ;)

3.4) I think some of the limits suggested by Cameron are not realistic.

3.5.1) Five small victories
* My 365 pictures a year is almost 365. Not perfect score but sooooooo much better than last year!
* The Full Moon Boards were almost all posted on the Full Moon.
* I´m up to date with ART Every Day Month so far. My 6th year. Third with daily posting.
* I dared interviewing artists for The Artist´s Way project.
* I dared leading it!
3.5.2) Three nurturing actions
* I´ll be doing the Soul Reflections Workshop by Jamie Ridler
* I´ll devote some time to the 2012 planning, including art projects.
* I´ll receive art stuff for Christmas
3.5.3) Three comforting actions
* Rest after Art Every Day Month
* Go on artist´s dates
* Connect with people that loves me
3.5.4) Nice promises
* I´ll show up to work every day till the end of the month
* I´ll give myself some time to rest afterwards
* I´ll plan for a great 2012


Ginny said...

Paula, I want to thank you for forming the online Artist's Way group and for inviting wonderful people to be guest bloggers as part of the process. I never would have finished the book without being part of this group. I find the amount of things you accomplish each day amazing.

rajns (carolyn) said...

I hadn't thought of AEDM as an artist's date but it is - one I have thoroughly enjoyed!

Tammy Vitale said...

Impressive! You have a lot of things going and you're persisting in all of them - hardy "after the next shiny thing" behavior. Congratulations and good for you!

Serena said...

Great post, Paula! I like your face sketches.

I hear ya on all the distractions...I battle them constantly but the thing is that some of those distractions are my kids too and they do come first in my life. I just need to juggle better. :)

Her Speak said...

Your drawings look great! I love the big full lips. :)


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