Sunday, November 27, 2011

AEDM 2011: Day 27 Check In Mid Way Chapter 11

Sundays are time for our Artist´s Way tribe to check in.
Have you been writing your daily pages? Are you excitedely anticipating the end of them or dreading that?
Any dates? I´ve noticed we mostly gave up on them. *sigh*

For this chapter´s showcase I´d love to introduce to you a wonderful artist: Heather Foust from "Let the journey begin".

I´m totally in love with her girls. They have such clear personalities and the layering work is absolutely delicious. Her frames are pieces of art in themselves too. Some are found, like this one:
Magical girls indeed.
"Look within" is a BIG piece, you can see it´s actual size and process here.
Unframed art waiting for their homes.

For Art Every Day Month I show each day what I created the day before. My table on Nov 26th.
On Friday evening I got a message from Shionge: Paula, I´m in Buenos Aires! She had come all the way from Singapore to an ICEM (the 20-million-member International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers’ Union) World Congress here. After a few e-mails we were set to meet on Saturday! Yay!
We had dinner by the riverside at María del Luján and talked for hours. It was a real pleasure.

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Shionge said...

Dear Paula,

You are such a gem and so fast you uploaded the photo taken at dinner.

Thank you to you and your lovely family from the bottom of my heart for such a lovely evening. I will always remembered your wonderful hospitality to me even though we knew each other onine for a very short time.

Blessed you and your family always and you know you now have a friend here in Singapore :D


Elisa Choi said...

Great page and i am looking forward to the result of your artwork. :)

GInny said...

I love the work that you are doing and sharing. It looks like you had a wonderful time at your dinner.

Serena said...

Heather is SO talented! Thanks for sharing.

I'm looking forward to seeing how your girl finishes up. The sketch looks great.

And how lovely that you met up with your friend from Singapore. What fun!

Tracey Potter said...

Thanks for sharing! Your page and Heather's art are so inspiring. xx


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