Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AEDM 2011: Day 29 Scrapping with scraps

Every day in November for Art Every Day Month Ipost what I created the day before. My working table had the scraps from yesterday´s page so I looked for a picture in a similar palette for our home´s album (the only one in A4) At our front door on the first day of school last year.
Mati found the biggest desk in the house for his work.


Denni said...

Nice color combination for this page! Your son looks so happy with his companion by his side.

Shionge said...

Sorry I didn't get to meet Mati hope next time round.

By the way, what does Juntos mean?

PS: Just got back this afternoon (Tuesday 3 pm Spore) and now still up at 12.32 am probably because I am still in Argentina time (1.32 pm Tuesday) :D

By the way Paula, email your home address to me ok :D

Gloria said...

Nice Paula. Love how your son is enjoying "his desk." :D Take care.

Serena said...

A nice colour palette, Paula. Mati certainly seems to love his 'desk'....lots of room to spread his work and I love the dog lying beside him. Our dogs do that too. :)

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

cool page and loved seeing your sun with the dog lying on the tiles cooling down...Mushu escapes into the bathrooms and hits the tiles when it gets hot as well... how many lunch boxes left???


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