Sunday, February 05, 2012

Week 5

Jan 29th (29/29): our nephew T with his mom P and his godmother Tati.
 Jan 30th (30/30): Frida is back home!
 Jan 31st (31/31): another Wii championship, this time Tati with her friend E.
 Feb 1st (32/32): breakfast out (in our patio ;) ).
 Feb 2nd (33/33): Carrefour market. I´m not one to walk as an exercise, so to keep walking instead of walking 200 metres for a loaf of bread, we are walking 1.1km. to this branch. ;D
 Feb 3rd (34/34): planners and journals.
Upper row: project planner (a.k.a: a gazillion lists), daily planner for crafting and life (when to do each task of the plan), daily journal (what I actually did, it works as a diary).
Lower row: sketch book (B&W drawings and scrapbook layouts sketches), quotes to use as tools (painted journal), dreams (collage journal)
 Feb 4th: antiques fair at Barrancas station.


Serena Lewis said...

Great photos, Paula! I'll bet Frida is glad to be back home. Do you lodge her at boarding kennels when you go away on holiday? A lovely photo of Tati with her Godchild and his Mum. I'm a sucker for journals of all types too. Well done on walking 1.1km instead of 200 metres. I need to introduce more walking into my life but it's a Catch 22, I suffer with very painful feet if I walk too long. :(

Have a lovely week!
Serena xo

Shionge said...

I enjoyed walking especially walking with family and friends :D

Thanks for the update :D


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