Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 7

First: another round of "365: a storyteller with a camera", week 7´s summary. If you´d like to see some art journaling, you may scroll all the way down. :)

Week 7 will be known as the iPod week, as we were "on the road" a lot and I used it for my daily pictures. Or the appointments week. Mati was 16 last Sunday so we are going to all the annual check ups plus a few extra ones. I just realized the iPod/apps thing. I´m easily amused.

Feb 12th (43/43): our birthdays! Mati had a single blue candle for his 16 and I got a single pink one for my 45. Weather was nice and we organized an outdoors party. That being said, the Wii is the best toy ever to entertain nine kids age 2 to 17. :D
Feb 13th (44/44): Monday, app to get Mati´s lab results. Yay! Everything in "normal" range.
 Feb 14th: playing hangman with grandma Lili while waiting for dermatologist´s apps.
 Feb 15th (46/46): waiting for the dentist´s app. Yay! Both kids are still cavity free. :) Quickest app ever for Mati as being 16 he doesn´t get fluor any more, just an overview and off he goes. Tati had her fluor but it was real quick anyway.
 Feb 16th (47/47): taking advantage of the mall´s air conditioning on a 39°day. Tati chose another Cathy Hopkins book and Mati got "How to make your first sale". He is looking for sponsors for his You Tube page with over 1000 suscribers.
 Feb 17th (48/48): eye doctor app. There were no other patients so Mati didn´t even have to wait and I have no waiting picture. Lol! We were just about to get into the car when I realized I was missing my pic and went back to take this one from outside. :D
Feb 18th (49/49): hubbie had to work on Saturday and I kept him company at the showroom.
A lot of the pics taken this week didn´t  make pic-of-the-day but were cool anyway. :)
For Paint Party Friday this week I showed my title page for a new quotes journal. Faber Castell watercolour pencils on Canson white paper.
 Would you call this scrapbooking? It has no picture as it is the title page for my Web section of my planner.
 Collage art journaling. Just as I´m back at painting and journaling, I´m back at completing my Wishcasting Journal by Jamie Ridler. It is a very powerful tool. The question I asked here was answered less than 18 hours later.


Serena Lewis said...

All in all a great week! Happy Belated Birthdays to you and Mati...just in case I haven't done it already. YAY for no cavities! Glad to hear Mati's results were in normal range.

Journals are looking good! I think I need to start a Wishcasting Journal too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

~ Serena xo

Carolyn Dube said...

Yes- it is scrapbooking even if there aren't any photos- at least I hope so since I have plenty of pages without photos (esp. as kids have gotten older they don't pose as much as they used to). My pages tell stories, often with remnants of the day (tickets, receipts, etc.).

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

the apps are fun aren't they and happy birthday to you and Mati... we have some more parallels happening as Phoebe is 16 this year and I hit the big 45... and it is so ridiculously stinking hot here at the moment... we need some storms to break the humidity, but just not happening... roll on Autumn...xx

Gwen said...

Happy birthdy belatedly to you both. Those ice creams look adelicious.. grett pages for your journal:)


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