Monday, July 02, 2012

Create Space Project #1

I do things a certain way. Mostly because the way works but sometimes just out of habit. The habit of repeating a way that worked some time ago but truly doesn´t serve me any more. Now is the time for me to rework some things, rethink the routines and the structures. Yes, I´m keen on structure. ;)

I invite you to join me in this ongoing project to declutter my home and my life, creating space for the good things to come. 

Project #1, let´s take it easy. This week go drawer by drawer and tray by tray looking for pens. Try them out. They work? Good, they stay. They don´t work? Straight into the bin. "Buuuuuuut", you say "I got this pen in Disneyland!" or "My dearest gave it to me" or "My baby (now 36) made it for me in Kindergaten" or ... you get my drift. Don´t worry. If they have an emotional value, then keep them. And be back here on Friday, I´ll give you some ideas about what to do with them that don´t include a bin.

Tip to make this even easier: choose one room each day. For example: start in the kitchen on Monday (a few pens are bound to be there) and go through your own room on Tuesday and so forth. Room by room, day by day go through the whole house.

There are other useful tools to go with decluttering, like the morning pages (first used by Julia Cameron in "The artist´s way"), meditation or getting a healthier diet. You can join Jamie from Jamie Ridler Studio for the morning pages in July or Leonie from Leonie Dawson for the Radiant Goddess e-course or even join her Goddess Circle and get all the courses for free with your membership before she raises her rates on July 3rd. 


Anne said...

So simple and so easy and so funny to think that yes, we probably do all have pens that are out of ink (or markers that are dry or pencils with broken tips) sitting around all over the house (how dumb... and for the most part I have no emotional attachment to any of them). What a great idea to start small with decluttering. I have a tendency to try to do it all at once and keep getting distracted.

Shionge said...

Sometimes I do have emotional attachment to stuff and that's when it's all pile up and my D will throw them away when it is sitting in the drawer for too long :)

So yes, help me declutter :)

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

This is actually an easy one for me so maybe this won't be too traumatic!!!! I hate pens that don't work and so they tend to go straight in the bin... some that make scratchy lines I keep cause I like them, but this one I can do!!! see you friday to find out what I can do with the dead bodies that I turn up...xx

Karen Smithey said...

I've been doing the "throw ten things away every day" thing and it feels so good! I'll be checking back for more de-cluttering tips!

misteejay said...

I am sooooooooooooo "my father's daughter" - I find it hard to throw things away as I normally keep anything that 'might' come in useful.

I do have splurges from time to time which tend to result in the local Brownies receiving a stack of crafting goodies or the dustman struggling with the wheelie bin LOL

Toni xx

Kelly M said...

Yay! I love decluttering. Keep it coming. :). K


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