Monday, August 13, 2012

The Sountrack of your Life

Each Monday this month I bring you a task to organize your spaces and each Friday something practical or crafty for storage.

August is our audiovisual month and this week will be devoted to cds. Why do I say cds and not LPs or cassettes? A matter of time, literally. Just as it happened with the printed pictures, going through all of your music collection may take more time than you are willing to spend on decluttering this week. Let´s make it easier on us and say cds. :)

TASK FOR THE WEEK: go through your cd collection and separate those that no longer resonate with you, those that you never really liked.  So you noticed I said separate and not toss? ;) Yep, we´ll be doing something with the discarded ones on Friday.
While you go through each cd make groups that make sense to you like: rock & pop, jazz, classical, international, Christmas, soundtracks ...
My family´s ecclectic taste. One cd for each. Any guesses which is whose?

Back in 2010 I posted each week the cd I had downloaded to my laptop. It was the Sountrack of my Life. Not many have changed. What about you? What´s your history with music? Do you have an all time favourite?


misteejay said...

My music taste is pretty eclectic - I love 'show' music and 'swing' along with some 'rock' and some 'pop'.

At the moment the CD in my car is "il Divo".

Toni xx

Sian said...

I have too many favourites to count!

Anne said...

All our CDs are packed up in the attic. The music I listen to is all on my computer. Eclectic, yes, I think everyone has eclectic musical taste to some degree or another. I find it very interesting that no two people have exactly the same musical taste. We all have our quirks. I know that's true for everything in life, but it seems to me as if it's especially true for music.

Carolyn Dube said...

My tastes have been all over the place but I have some favorites (from high school so now they are considered oldies). Wonder what we're going to do with these...


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