Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 32 2012

For Creative Every Day 2012, I´m taking a picture a day for the whole year. This is my third time around with the Pic-a-day project and at the end of each month I make a mosaic of the month´s pictures. I´ve taken 212 out of the possible 217 pictures for 2012 so far.

Sunday, August 5th (213/218): a home made cake, just because. 

 Monday, August 6th (214/219): working on the "Map of Me" with index cards and coloured pens.
 Tuesday, August 7th (214/220): forgot about this one. *grumble*
Wednesday, August 8th (215/221): candies for both kids for the whole month (I know, a week late but they´ll survive ;) )
 Thursday, Ausgut 9th (216/222): another stage in the map of me, this time for Paint Party Friday
Friday, August 10th (217/223): tulips are shyly peeking out. Spring is on the way. :)
Pic will be downloaded later today, k? P.S: sorry it took me so long to add this one!

Saturday, Augut 11th (218/224): animé exposition: Jigoku Style. I took both my kids and one of my girl´s friends. Met my cousin and her sons there (loads of happy squealing :D ) plus another school mom with her two girls. Tati is a great animé fan and through her sheer enthusiasm is getting her friends to like it too.
 {Sunday snippets}: is a collection of photos from your week. This way I can also add the pics that didn´t make "picture of the day" but are still significant to document our family life.  Stop by {tinniegirl}'s blog for more or to play along! I´ll be playing too. :) The tagline is: "No need for words.  Let the pictures tell your story."  Sitting on my hands here not to be too wordy. Please feel free to ask anything you want to know about them. :)


misteejay said...

What a fun day out with lots of super pics for you to scrap.

That cake looks sooooooooooo yummy.

Toni xx

Lynn Stevens said...

Another busy week Paula, The kids must keep you hopping. LOL
The cake looks yummy and homemade too! WOW. You make Betty Crocker look bad. LOL Great pics
Hugs Lynn

AMM said...

I thought you might like to know that the biscuits in my photo are one of your local specialities - alfajores. They are delicious! I love the look of your cake as well.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wow! Fun photos and activities ~ Brava on nearing your goal ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Karen Smithey said...

The Anime Show looks like it was lots of fun. My littlest has started drawing some anime-style faces and animals...

Can't wait to see the tulips!

bohemiannie! art said...

Looks like a really happy family time. And now I want cake.


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