Monday, September 03, 2012

A mug shot

*giggle* I wonder what kind of traffic I´ll have with that post title. ;) Here´s a mug shot of all our family´s mugs. :D Tati is the one with the biggest mug collection, which reminded me of "How big is your Littlest Pet Shop?"
 Another mug shot, this time our oldest two mugs. I´ve been considering changing them for something a bit more cheerful lately.
You know who makes the most awesome mug huggers? My friend Toni does! Come next Friday for a crafty project with her as my guest.

TASK FOR THIS WEEK: take a look at your mug collection. Any chipped ones that would be better as fun plant pots? Any plain ones that would look nicer with a bit of decorating? Are there enough mugs for a bit of hot chocolate for Christmas? Did I really say Christmas? Yes! Only 113 days to go! I will be joining the ranks of the Organized Christmas this year too. Tune in for the holiday´s planning and crafting these weeks. :D

Each Monday I bring you a task to organize your spaces and each Friday something practical for storage or crafty for recycling.


misteejay said...

I think I'm a bit of a 'mug-a-holic' as I just love the things and have a huge collection.

Another idea for using the broken/chipped ones is to smash them carefully and use the broken bits to decorate plant pots - sort of crazy tiling style.

Toni xx

Serena Lewis said...

Great mug collection! I love mugs and the bigger, the better, for me. :)

Lynn Cohen said...

We have tons of mugs and almost all of them have memories to a place, or event or both. Some have other kinds of meanings to us.
(marriage/honeymoon spot; husbands former employment places; colleges/ours and our kids; vacation spots; etc, etc. etc.
I say 'Do not bring home another cup!' but he does or we do.... There is no more room for cups.


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