Monday, October 01, 2012

September update: my month in numbers & Day 1 of Blogtoberfest

My month in numbers is a project taking place at Julie Kirk´s blog  where you sum up your month with ... numbers. Lol!  Here are some inspirational instructions on how to go about it.

Here are my favourite 30 pictures (one-a-day) for September.

Pictures kept for September 2012: 193
Pictures forgotten for the "one-pic-a-day" project this month: 0 Yaaaaaay!

Artist´s dates: 5
Faces asked for in Ayala Art´s project: 29
Faces actually drawn: 7

Animé themed fair visited: 1
Kids taken to the fair: 4
Kids who asked to be taken along for next one: 7
Pins bought by Tati: 16

Loquats eaten from the tree: lost count

Blog Guests: 4 Toni, Denise, Tracey and Debbie. It´s been a pleasure to have you here for a playdate girls! :D

And now, on to October!

For my own series of decluttering on Mondays and creating on Fridays we are going to take care of our wardrobes. With the change of season it´s time to move things around.

TASK FOR THIS WEEK: keep an eye on what you are wearing as an act of self care.
* Are you comfortable with your clothes? Are they too tight, too loose?
* Are all the buttons well set? Hems done? No holes? Set aside a slot to take care of all those little things that are weighting you down because they keep getting postponed. You´ll feel SO much lighter afterwards. Promise.

Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. Arnold H. Glasow

That´s it. ;)


Julie Kirk said...

At least you got the number of days correct ... at the start of the month I pre-decorated 31 cards for a daily project in September!

Thanks for joining in once again, I've pinned your post to the board:

Happy Autumnal de-clutterring to you + your wardrobe!

Julie :-)

Miriam said...

I love 'kids taken to the fare' followed by kids wanting to go next time! Great list. visiting from Julie's MiN

Carolyn Dube said...

Your numbers make me smile! Your decluttering Monday to take care of the wardrobe is perfectly timed for me- I found a pair of pants with the hem pulled out. Of course I noticed once I was at work...

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wonderful that you are keeping up with your photography commitments ~ Bravo and so creative!

A Creative Harbor)

thanks for coming by and comment ^_^

Molly said...

I love your month in numbers. Great way to keep track of all the things you accomplish!!

misteejay said...

Thank you for asking me over to play in September.

Great set of numbers for the month.

Will be fun to see what you focus on in the wardrobe.

Toni xx

Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Gosh, you never cease to amaze me with how much creative goodness you can squeeze into a day!
Kat xx

Bron said...

I have just been through my wardrobe for Sort it September....great way to see what you have and what you need for the next season. xx

denthe said...

Oh my Paula, you must be one of the most organized people I "know"! It must be wonderful to be able to declutter. I will try and take some of your advice and tips, I really need to! Thanks for having me as a guest ☺

Tamara said...

Great post. I love how you have organised all the photos you take. I keep all my number on my phone so when I look at my photos I know what to write.


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