Monday, November 05, 2012

AEDM ´12 Day #5

First Monday of the month. Time for a new theme. :D
In November we´ll be going through our craft materials, right in time for Art Every Day Month hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas and also in preparation for the seasonal crafting.

TASK FOR THIS WEEK: papers (ok, this miiiiiiiight take longer than one week ;) )
To begin with: shop at home.
* Gather all your Christmas papers. Scrapbooking papers for cards and seasonal albums and also wrapping paper for presents.
* Gather all your gift boxes
* Gather all your gift bags

For our gift boxes I invited Sarah Keerie who is going  to teach us how to make an extremely cute one. :D

For Art Every Day Month I will be posting my table and work from the previous day.
This is my work in progress on my table on Nov 4th.
And my layout. Now I have started using the stickers in English (my native language is Spanish and that was the only one I had used so far) I´m having new possibilities. :D


Sian said...

Um, this morning I discovered that all my Christmas papers are still gathered in a folder from last year. I guess that saves on prep for this year though?

Ginny said...

New possibilities are always exciting!

Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Paula, Looks like your all set to go with your holiday crafting! and you've even made a darling scrap page already. Enjoy all your creative time.
and Thanks for entering my giveaway. best of luck.
Hugs Lynn


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