Tuesday, November 06, 2012

AEDM ´12 Day #6

For Art Every Day Month I will be posting my table and work from the previous day.

I forgot to take the "before" picture, so we´ll have to make do with the "after" one. :)

My layout for Nov 5th: 

If you have undertaken my task for this week and are gathering the Christmas papers to make cards or if you are gathering your Christmas gift packing materials, today is a good day to make a list and participate in List Tuesday with Aimee feom Artsyville

* Christmas cards A list. The people you REALLY want to send a card to.
* Christmas cards B list. The people you feel you should send a card to. 
+ Take a break and think. Is list B necessary? Can you weed it out a bit? 
* Christmas gifts list. Only the names! You will fill it up later.


Tracey Fletcher King said...

That's the after picture... OMG that is neat and tidy... and the layout is lovely...xx

janice smith said...

Tracey is right...your desk is SO TIDY! Funny - I posted a picture of my desk yesterday and it was a total wreck! Love your layout, too. I'm so happy to get to see all these inspiring AEDM posts!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Now that's MY idea of a DESK!! I'm a neat freak, so this really appeals to me. Your layout is gorgeous and your list piqued my interest. What a great addition to Day 6.

stregajewellry said...

Oh, my gosh, where is the mess? I thought it was a rule that you must make a mess to be creatvie! I'm working all wrong! LOL


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