Monday, December 31, 2012

My year in Numbers: 2012

This year I took part in  "My month in numbers" which is a project taking place at Julie Kirk´s blog  where you sum up your month with ... numbers. Lol!  Here are some inspirational instructions on how to go about it.
Here´s the 2012 summary!

Grand total of pictures saved (most taken by me, some by family members and some saved from the web shared by friends): 2012
Yes, I confess having deleted some to reach the target. But only about half a dozen. ;)

January: 285 pictures / 21 days in las Grutas / Click here to know 31 things about us.

February: 142 pictures / Mati started Year 5 and Tati Year 1 of secondary school / 1 blog award from Toni / Click here for more about our month.

March: 84 pictures / 2 family birthdays / a gazillion books / Click here to read more.
April: 91 pictures / 1 pictures missed this month / 3: cakes we ate this month! (2 for mom´s birthday and 1 for Frida´s) / 8 books used in found poetry / 19 married years / 1 silly dove camping in our porch /2 dogs at home this month / Want to know how old my mom is? Click here. :)

May: 83 pictures / 29 faces for Ayala Art 29 FACES in May project / 11 faces actually finished / 2 days missed this month. / 1 book won at Quinn McDonald´s siteRaw Art Journaling, in case you wondered /36 pastries cooked / 2 rainbows on the 10th / 3 Men in Black / 8 light bulbs changed / 7 parents present at the meeting out of aprox 70 kids / 1 business courses / Click here for more May adventures 

June: 107 pictures / 2 brilliant report cards / 6 were the hours we could watch Venus go in between the Sun and our planet / 18 pastries burnt / 45 years represented in 1 white candle for my cousin´s Pablo´s birthday / 1 book and 1 swimming suit for Tati that same week / Click here for some more June facts at home.
July: 350 pictures / Tatiana was 13 / 2 birthday parties for her / 1 awesome collage box sent by Carolyn Dube / 196 years of Independence / 10 sushi rolls / 1 Animé Exposition / 4 projects for decluttering, organizing and creating / Why some many pictures? Click here to read more. 

August: 111 pictures / 1 just because cake / 1 birthday cake / 38°7 C fever / 14 waffles made /6 girls and a mom around the table for Zoe´s birthday/ 14 prompts for Blessing Manifesting´s Sacred Journey through Journaling /3 pictures forgotten this month! Eeeeekkkk! / For more detailed pictures click here

September: 189 pictures / Artist´s dates: 5 / Faces asked for in Ayala Art´s project: 29 /Faces actually drawn: 7 / Animé themed fair visited: 1 /Kids taken to the fair: 4 / Kids who asked to be taken along for next one: 7 / Pins bought by Tati: 16 / Blog Guests: 4 Toni, Denise, Tracey and Debbie. / And there´s more to read about September by clicking here.
October: 220 pictures / Pictures forgotten for the "one-pic-a-day" project : 1 / Nail polish colours used: 4 / New bracelets sets: 3 / Guest blog posts: 1, my first! Thanks again to Kat from "I saw you dancing". / Cyber coffee morning: 1 with Jamie Ridler at her channel / 2 new teas and 12 new candles. / A few other things can be read here.
 November: 191 pictures / 30 days of   Art Every Day Month hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas  from "Creative Every Day" / 31 layouts finished during AEDM /3 persons to get 1 dog clean /10 members for 1 new team at UKScrappers / More pictures here!

December: 299 pics / Kat´s new project "reverb#12" / My 9th Month in numbers.


Tracey Fletcher King said...

What a great way to sum up the year... it has been EPIC!!!! So much work and love and laughter on show here... loved every minute of this...xx

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Paula - Happy New Year to you and yours!

Thanks so much for taking part and throwing your numbers out there to be counted during 2012. You always seemd to have a great way with combining lots of other communal projects in there too - great fun!

You're on the board now:

All the best for a fresh year of creativity and living ahead.

Julie :-)

Nanna Kate said...

Aw wow what a year, all those pictures to treasure!

Ginny said...

Ok Paula, all I have to say is that you are incredible. You have the most energy and enthusiasm of anyone I know.


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