Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Word of the year 2013

Usually the story goes like this: by December 30th you make a long list of wishes for the following year. Some examples that will resonate with you:
1) Loose weight (I see you smile)
2) Read more
3) Exercise more ... to loose weight
4) Be less on the internet (yea, right. No way José! Not me!)
5) Eat less ... to loose weight (yes, I saw the trend too)
6) Be more patient
7) Use the car less ... to loose weight (we can get quite creative)

You get my drift.
By January 16th you feel exhausted, disappointed, stressed ... and you give up. Most probably beating yourself up and calling yourself a failure and worse. Sounds familiar?

I have another suggestion for you: choose how you want to FEEL the next year. Focus on that. Choose a word that represents that feeling and keep it close to your heart. Align your daily actions to make you feel that way. Some will be simple immediate steps (you want to feel creative, doodle while you talk on the phone), some will be long term action plans. Consider your next action in relationship to how you want to feel. Does it take you that way? Go! Doesn´t it? Choose another action plan. 

I have chosen my word for 2013.

First a bit of history:

I started my "word of the year" style with Ali Edwards in 2007

2007: NOW
Because it was time to start doing instead of only planning. It took me in the right direction,

My first choice was ABUNDANCE, just because everybody was choosing something similar and I wanted my share. It didn´t quite work out because it was not really MY word but it gave me perspective. A "there is enough " feeling that allowed me to give to others which led me to my true word.  
Some of my cousins and their kids in 2008

By March I had to ditch it as it was driving me crazy.

My best experience so far. I found my word at the enchanted girl lake. I actually "heard" the word whispered by the rocks. I paid so much attention to what I was told and the opportunities offered that nowadays we call 2010 The Year of Change. 

It had a great beginning, making myself heard and taking painting lessons to express in other ways than with words. About September it diluted and the mad dash to the end of the year drowned everything.

Deeper than the ocean, higher than the sky. I expanded my tribe, joining new projects like Sunday Snippets, My month in Numbers and Blogtoberfest , launching my blog in Spanish, connecting with new people on Facebook (come and play with me!) while going deeper with Jamie for Wishcasting Wednesdays and Full Moon Boards.

2013: ENERGY
All the fast forward movement in 2012 left me on the verge of burn out. I want to be more careful with my energy cycles. My energy will be my focus this year, starting by a "renewal" stage in January.


Shionge said...

Very inspiring and motivational Paula and rightly so, I don't make any resolution because I am a DO IT person :)

Happy New Year to you and your family...Cheers to good health & happiness :D

Ginny said...

It was interesting to follow your word journey. I started this three years ago and learned about it from Jamie. The first year my word was sparkling and it was great. I forgot my word for the second year so you know that was not the right word. The past year my word was trust and it was perfect. This year I want to add laughter into my life, so laughter is my word. I love find the right word. It really makes a difference

Happy New Year, Paula.

misteejay said...

t has been so interesting seeing how you have taken forward your 'words' each year. Energy is a great word to consider for the coming year and I look forward to seeing how you incorporate it into your life.

Wishing you & yours a super 2013.

Toni xx

Judy Hartman said...

Yes, your "word of the year" journey is very interesting. My word this year is "clarity", but, like you, I'm taking the month of January to renew my energy.
Just wanted to stop by to wish you a Happy New Year, Paula!

kikipotamus said...

That's interesting. More and more of my friends seem to be arriving at the same conclusion: resolutions don't last. I have chosen a word for the past three years or so, but by February I've usually forgotten them. Maybe if I placed the word somewhere visible? Or maybe I don't need a word. Happy new year to you.

Sian said...

A compellingly post! I'm wishing you and yours all the very best for 2013 and hoping it has lots of everything you love and more besides. It's been a pleasure getting to know you in 2012 and I'm looking forward to lots more visits here in 2013


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