Monday, January 07, 2013

What do you wish for 2013?

When I was little my extended family used to dance and sing the night away on New Years Eve. We then hopped into the cars and drove to the river side to watch the New Year´s Day sunrise eating homemade sweet pastries and drinking mate.

I still wait for the New Year´s sunrise. :) This was my setting this year at the kitchen´s table. The laptop, a green candle, my art planner and lots of colourful pens and markers.

During December I followed Reverb#12 prompts by Kat. With those and my own organizing work, I discovered that there were many habits and traditions that no longer served me as a person or us as a family. Things that we did because it was the perfect solution at some point but no longer held meaning or even comfort. 

Since then I looked at every action from a different perspective, asking myself if it was aligned with my current intentions or not. Some were, some weren´t.
For New Years Eve I had a look at my art projects.
Blogging? Oh, yes! I´ll keep blogging.
A picture a day? Hell, yes! 
Guests? Sure. I love artists, they are the coolest people on Earth.
Organizing tips? Most probably as it is part of the way I am and I can share that.
Painting? Mgmgmgmg. I like sharing conversations with artists but I´m not overly joyous while painting. I need help to keep me going.
How will I organize the picture thing? I want a change in presentation. Can I combine projects? Can I photograph/paint/have guests?
And that´s how my new project was born.

Each week an artist will present a piece representing the number of that week. It can either have the actual number on it or have a set that can be counted (eg: three flowers for number three, a crowd of forty faces for number forty). I will publish the pieces here on Fridays with a bio and links to where you can find/contact the artists.

Want to take part? There are still some weeks left. Drop me a line with your favourite week and I´ll tell you if it is still available and the deadline. :)

New Year´s Day Sunrise at 6.10am in Buenos Aires - Argentina

PS: my first week painting

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misteejay said...

Great idea for your numbers pages Paula.

Toni xx


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