Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What do you wish for this summer? On the third week of Advent

Today Jamie asks "What is your Winter wish?" As I am on the other side of the planet I will adapt the question to my hemisphere. :)

Mati is leaving for Germany tomorrow for TEN weeks. This will be a very different summer for us.
My wish is to keep our communication fluid with both kids. To support and encourage both our boy who is leaving and our girl who is staying. To learn how to be together even while being miles apart.

Advent season:
Week 1 revisited:
Intention: Love
Decoration: door
Room: Kitchen
Christmas tradition: cards

Week 2 summary
Intention: Peace
Decoration: Christmas tree
Room: bedrooms
Christmas tradition: gifts

Week 3
Intention: Tolerance
Decoration: table
Room: common areas
Christmas tradition: ornaments


Shionge said...

I am sure with the aid of technology, you'll be able to keep in touch with him always :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Paula, I am not a mother myself, and the love that a mother has for a child always touches me very, very deeply. Mother's are the most incredible beings I know. I am sending you love and I wish flowing, joy filled and loving communication to flourish between you and your children! -Alma

denthe said...

Oh Paula, I hope for the next year I will be able to take even only a fraction of your organisational skills and apply it to my own chaotic life. I can't believe everything you get done! Mati will be back before you know it! In this world, with skype and email and internet it's so much easier to keep in touch. I hope your Christmas will be wonderful, even if one of your children isn't there, and that you'll have a great start to a new and creative year! hugs, denthe


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