Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How do you wish to nourish your self?

I feel I can answer today´s Wishcasting Wednesday prompt by Jamie Ridler with my "not so full now" moon board.

It is full of "word related" words and extremely femenine. :D
 Her best pages / The woman and the word / without frontiers / What you can´t miss / Is that a "paradise" in her head? Yes, it is. ;) / Thought for your wellbeing / I don´t understand how Twitter works (true story) / The gift of the word / Get them on Facebook and a paragraph about neuroplasticity. 
Of course my board HAD to have a bag or it wouldn´t be "me". I chose a cute water bottle and two friends with make up. It is one of the girls I drew last week.
PS: yes the girl looks a bit like me in her skirt and sandals style and .
 The car took me by surprise and I´m still not that sure what it means but I´m sure about the girls having fun, the cup of tea and the paragraph about a net of readers. For the first time since I started making the boards money made an entrance as it also says Entrepreneurs, participate and personal finances. In very tiny letters it says "it is modified according to what you do with it". A-ha.
It is a different board in the sense that it took me almost no time to put it together. Usually I go forward and backwards the current issue of a local magazine (OhLaLá!) several times. This month I only went forward and by page 60 I had finished it! It was DONE, completed, grounded, intentional.

Why the focus on the writing?

I´m writing the home decluttering and organizing programme for the blog. It´s all about real life (as opposed to magazine perfect) homes and the daily challenges we face as women who are also in search of  space/time for creativity. The idea is to create systems that work for us to make the housechores easier and faster, saving time, money and stress situations.

I call it a "programme" to give the idea that is it a series with a beginning and an end. 
We will take nine months to go around the house, room by room to declutter and organize our home spaces with one big task per week at my blog and daily {gentle} reminders, tips and cheering  on my Facebook fan page. Come for a visit and click on "Like" to receive those!

Three months for the practical: kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room. Three moths for the aesthetics of the common areas: entry hall, livingroom, diningroom. Three months for the personal spaces: bedroom, office, craftroom. Your home will be streamlined just in time for the holidays! ;)

I´m truly doing this for my own home. I´ll be totally honest with my "before" pictures and hope to become my own success story. Hope to be sharing the process with you all so we can cheer for each other.


Bobbi said...

wonderful idea - can't wait
may all your wishes come true - as you wish - so I also wish for you

Anonymous said...

I never thought about making it a long term project like that, when I get into decluttering mode I assume I could get the whole house done in a week, then the barn and garage the next week. (and of course I do one room and then I'm out of batteries and start hitting myself over the head for being "lazy")

denthe said...

Wow, you really plan far ahead! Looking forward to seeing you progress!

Sian said...

The car? I think it hints that you want to move forward. fast!


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