Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 08 2013 Getting ready with Heather Pearson

Next Monday, drop by for the new "decluttering and organizing" series. Just like last year we will go room by room, object by object cleaning and liberating spaces. This year on top of the weekly task I will give you tips on both the practical and the spiritual process on my Facebook page. See you there!

For Creative Every Day challenge 2013 by Leah Piken Kolidas, I´m taking at least a picture a day for the whole year. I´ve taken 055 out of the possible 055 pictures for 2013 so far.

My guest for week #08 is Heather Pearson. She made this week´s illustration and here´s what she had to say about it:

No paint or messy bits in sight on this layout!
I am playing catch up after a few years 'off' scrapbooking. The children's birthday photo's are the first ones I have gone for.
Keeping it simple and using up papers from Stampin' Up! and a set of their stamps too.
Thanks for asking inviting me to join in. It got me moving and another one into the album.

And now, my week: Monday, February 18th (049/049): hubbie waiting for the car to take him to the airport.
 Tuesday, February 19th (050/050): I´m feeling watched aka "the line". The dogs are not allowed on the carpet so they stay as close as they can. Notice Frida´s innocent face. "My back legs are off the carpet!"
Wednesday, February 20th (051/051): new backpack and diary for Tatiana. Getting ready for the "back to school" Monday the following week.
Thursday, February 21st (052/052): Tati went to visit her bff Candela and I forgot to take a picture! My bad. Ok, I´ll have to do with a working table one. :D

Friday, February 22nd (053/053): more "get ready for school" activities. Getting Tati´s hair cut and my colour tidied up.
Saturday, February 23rd (054/054): the ultimate "end of summer holidays" event. Going to the movies  with friends. Today I took the discreet path and only photographed the cinema instead of the girls, most of which are totally used to the idea of me taking pictures of everything and everyone but not all of them. ;)
Sunday, February 24th (055/055): our own "end of summer" celebration. We got VIP tickets to an animé convention, featuring Cristina Hernandez, the Spanish voice of Ann Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls, Sakura from Sakura Card Captors and more.
Bonus tracks: as the cinema was a bit far from home and I´d spend all the time of the movie driving back and forth I stayed at the mall had a look around and a late lunch there.


Sian said...

A new backpack always helps with that back to school feeling :) Best of luck for the new year ahead.

misteejay said...

Great you got to have a bit of 'me' time whilst the girls were at the cinema.

Toni xx

Anne said...

What a fun week! I had to laugh at the photo with the dogs... too cute (they sure love to play innocent while they're pushing their limits, no?).

Shionge said...

China Deli!! what did you eat? :D

Anonymous said...

That's really hilarious to see your doggie with her back legs off the carpet. Who knew dogs understood loopholes and technicalities?


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