Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 07 2013 My birthday week

For Creative Every Day challenge 2013 by Leah Piken Kolidas, I´m taking at least a picture a day for the whole year. I´ve taken 048 out of the possible 048 pictures for 2013 so far.

Monday, February 11th (042/042): at 8pm on Feb 11th we Face Timed Matias as his birthday (Feb 12th) had already started in Switzerland. Background story in case you missed it: Mati is on a school exchange programme and is spending his summer holidays going to school in Germany. His German family took him snowboarding in Switzerland for the mid term break.

Tuesday, February 12th (043/043): my own birthday! Yes, same day. :D Most of my family and friends were away on summer holidays so I just stayed home and only my mom came for a visit. Even so it was a blast as I organized and impromptu cyber birthday party with my friends from all over the world. Can you see the red laptop on the table? They were all there. ;)
Wednesday, February 13th (044/044): my 13 year old daughter is following a YouTuber that teaches how to make stuffed toys and she is trying her hand at it. :)

Thursday, February 14th (045/045): we got VIP tickets for the next animé convention. It will be the last days of Tatiana´s summer holidays so we are going all out as a "grand finale". :D

Friday, February 15th (046/046): we went to the library and here´s what I chose.

Saturday, February 16th (047/047): quiet Saturday. Hubbie prepared his bike for his Sunday ride.
Sunday, February 17th (048/048): all my family (and even my children´s friends) is aware of my picture-a-day project so hubbie asked me if I had already taken mine for the day as his bbq lunch looked picture worthy. Lol! 
Bonus pics for the week:
 My Paint Party Friday summary. You can read about the faces here.
I found a way to have a picture with my son on his birthday  :)
I´m allowed junk food on my birthday, right? 

Birthday flowers
Three generations


Lilli boo said...

Happy Birthday Paula for the week and the month! celebrating lots I hope :)..I haven't dropped in for a while as I have been allowing the flow of the year to bring me back to blogging and slowly I am... Great to read another lovely post...cheers, Lil xxx

misteejay said...

Looks like you had a lovely birthday (those flowers are so pretty).

Your face project is really coming along and that was a great collection of moods/expressions.

So sorry I missed your special day but Happy Birthday to you my friend and wishing you a wonderful year ahead.

Toni xx

Sian said...

Same birthday? many congratulations all round :) and best wishes for the year ahead

Shionge said...

Happy Belated Birthday Paula...sorry I've missed it and I can see that you have had a wonderful time...CHEERS to good health and happiness always :D


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