Sunday, February 17, 2013

What I was looking for had been there all along

My friend Brianne writes the blog Sweet Limes. On her birthday (which is just a day after mine) we were chatting about our BIG plans for the year. We were both considering a revamp of our blogs design, including a name change so we started bouncing ideas and something amazing happened. After telling our stories of how our blog names came to be, we realized they already described our core. They tell you what we do, the way we are, what we have to offer.

It had been there all along. What we were looking for had been staring at us in the face for years.

"These are the emails you open week after week. These are the people you follow year after year, and the people you end up buying from: the storytellers and the dreamweavers who excite you first, then deliver their lessons once you’re engaged and inspired." Marisa Murgatroyd from Live Your Message

I am  "Happysnappy, a storyteller with a camera" and I´ve benn sharing my life in pictures since September 2005. I show you views from my land, crafts I make and how to make them too, how I organize my place, the beautiful art my friends make and more.

These days I´ve been taking "before" pictures at home to share a 9 month process to make my home (and yours) easier to live in and maintain. With systems and routines to save time and money while making our home a personal haven. Btw, I looked the word "haven" up to check the spelling. The Merrian-Webster dictionary says: a place offering favorable opportunities or conditions. Doesn´t it sound dreamy?

And back to names. I wanted a name for my programme, so you could identify the posts belonging to it.
Have you ever looked at my Blogger address? Keep it simple, make it great.
Yes, it has been there for years.

See you on March 4th for the first module!
PS: if you want to start right away. Take pictures of your "trouble spots". Those places where you keep things you don´t want to throw away but don´t really know what to do with them.

Here´s one of mine:


misteejay said...

You really are "Happysnappy" and I so love seeing snaps of your world.

Toni xx

Barbara Eads said...

Sounds like you have your "happysnappy" path coursed!
Can't wait to see where it leads.


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