Sunday, April 07, 2013

Keep it simple, make it work #2.1

Welcome to the sixth week of my decluttering and organizing of home spaces series.

The project´s summary:
9 months to streamline your home spaces and systems
3 months for the practical spaces: kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room
3 months for the shared areas: entry hall, living room, dining room
3 months for the personal spaces: bedrooms, office, hobbies room
1 big task each week illustrated with my own pictures and daily {gentle} reminders, tips and cheering at my Facebook page. Like it to be able to receive them every day and record your progress with a friendly crew!

Theme 1: the practical / Month 2: the bathroom / Week 1: Towels and accessories

Day 1: towels. Get all of them together: bath towels, hand towels, your Kindergartener´s, gym towels, beach towels. Okeeeeey. Which ones needs replacing? Are you comfortable with the laundry cycle for them? Need more? Budget for them. Are there too many? You may throw away/recycle/donate some.

Day 2: towels, part 2. Check for loose hems and appliqués. Also for holes and tears. Sew what is needed. How will you store them? Is it easier if you keep them together? Is it easier if you keep them in the rooms they are needed? What about some scent for them? I found this cute lavander sachets tutorial. You could get a lavender sachet or make your own to place in between them.

Day 3: soap dishes and dispensers. Check for cracks and leaks. Give them a good scrub.

Day 4: glass and toothbrush holder. You know what to do. ;)

Day 5: decoration aka pretty stuff. Are you still pleased with your colour palette/theme? It might be time to change just a few details for a look freshen up. Check what my friend Susan from the blog "Diseña tu vida" made for her downstairs toilette. I saw them while she was half way of the process and they were really cool so I asked her for permission to share the final result.

Day 6: lists day. This is my bathroom TODAY. I have some lists to make to get it back to its former glory. ;)

Day 7: your day off. Enjoy!


Charlotte Babb said...

Decluttering seems so hard for me. I guess I need to just take it 15 minutes at a time and try to think of that as brainstorming for my writing. Thanks for sharing your plan and results.

Teri Campbell said...

I like the simple tasks you have provided that can be taken each day. Small steps that result in less clutter. My favorite!

Melissa Brown, MD said...

I love how you broke down the tasks into manageable bite sizes. I think that is really the best antidote to overwhelm. Thanks for a reminder how easy it is to finish a big project when you break it down into small steps.


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