Monday, April 08, 2013

Week #14 2013 Boxes and animé

If you are looking for this year´s decluttering and organizing crew click here!
This month we are taking care of the bathrooms and toilettes and this week I give you daily doable tasks in this blog postFor daily tips on both the practical and the spiritual process you can also follow my Facebook page

For Creative Every Day challenge 2013 by Leah Piken Kolidas, I´m taking at least a picture a day for the whole year. I´ve taken 097 out of the possible 097 pictures for 2013 so far. Click on the pictures to see them bigger!

Monday, April 1st (091/091): putting my own suggestions into action and getting rid of old boxes. 
Tuesday, April 2nd (092/092): A case of looking worse before looking better. You can read the process of reorganizing this shelf here
Wednesday, April 3rd (093/093): the last two Haribo Gummibären left.
Thursday, April 4th (094/094): more weekend fun in your weekdays. Try it!
Friday, April 5th (094/094): "somebody" was bored. Click on this link to find out who. ;)
Saturday, April 6th (095/095): Animé Legend was an animé convention that took place in Buenos Aires this weekend with four 
really famous animé series singers: César Franco (Digimon 01 and 03), Marisa de Lille (Sailor Moon, Sakura Card Captor), Ricardo Silva (Saint Seya) and Mauren Mendo (Dragon Ball). Fab show!
Sunday, April 7th (097/097): the brushes are back on the table!!!! All thanks to Julie Balzer´s video.


Sian said...

Gummi bears? Yum! I like sweet and sticky things much better than I like chocolate, so I get treats like gums for Easter indeed of chocolate eggs

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Oh, Paula! This post rocks. Love all the images and all the fantastic decluttering you are doing. My work table is a disaster right now... I am trying to keep things put away! Really! :~)

Jodene said...

Wow what a great idea to bring creativity into your life. I noticed lately that I have turned more into a right brained person compared to when I was younger. I love numbers and analyzing things. Recently, I was missing the days I spent outside in the yard, working on the gardening and painting anything I could get my hands on. My excuse was the home I moved to 4 years ago. I have no yard, and no motivation. But that’s just an excuse. I’ve been looking for ways to bring color and art back into my life. The creative every day challenge you’re working on seems like a great way for me to do that. Thank you for sharing.
~ Jodene


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