Sunday, April 28, 2013

Keep it simple, make it work #2.4

A step by step project to declutter and organize your home spaces to make every day life easier.

This month we are working on the bathroom and this week on the medicine cabinet, although you may have it somewhere else in the house.

Day 1: check all the medicines around the house. Check expiration dates and replace any out-of-date contents. Would it be better to have them all together? Which is the best room for them? Do you have a first aid kit? There is a wide variation in the contents of first aid kits based on the knowledge and experience of those putting it together, the differing first aid requirements of the area where it may be used, and variations in legislation or regulation in a given area.
Day 2: headache medicines like aspirins, paracetamol or Ibuprofren. Do you have any? Do you have the paediatric version if you have kids?

Day 3: tummy ache medicine. Check with your local pharmacist the best options for you and your family.  

Day 4: fever medicine, thermometers. If you have a battery operated one, check batteries, replace if necessary.

Day 5: check antiseptics, adhesive bandages (band aids, sticking plasters), bandages, dressings (gauze pads), alcohol, gloves. Are all the dressings/band aids sterile?

Day 6: lists day. Do you need recurring prescriptions? Mark your calendar for refills reminders and doctor appointments. Have you had a check up lately? Get yourself on the list too. ;)

Day 7: enjoy your day off!

The project´s summary:
9 months to streamline your home spaces and systems
3 months for the practical spaces: kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room
3 months for the shared areas: entry hall, living room, dining room
3 months for the personal spaces: bedrooms, office, hobbies room
1 big task each week illustrated with my own pictures and daily {gentle} reminders, tips and cheering at my Facebook page. Like it to be able to receive them every day and record your progress with a friendly crew!


misteejay said...

It makes so much sense having the First Aid 'stuff' all in one location...the times I've run out of things because I thought there was still some elsewhere.

I now have everything in a cupboard in the kitchen.

Toni xx

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I have been thinking I need to reorganize my medicines. Like Misteejay, I have them in a kitchen cabinet now but I am not convinced this is the best choice.

I am grateful for your reminder, Paula, and always happy to visit your blog.

laura said...

So organization goes, the medicine chest seems to be the one that can get clutter-filled so very quickly. Thanks for the information!!!


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