Monday, April 22, 2013

Week #16 2013 20th wedding anniversary edition

If you are looking for this year´s decluttering and organizing crew click here!
This month we are taking care of the bathrooms and toilettes and this week I give you daily doable tasks in this blog postFor daily tips on both the practical and the spiritual process you can also follow my Facebook page

For Creative Every Day challenge 2013 by Leah Piken Kolidas, I´m taking at least a picture a day for the whole year. I´ve checked 111 out of the possible 111 pictures for 2013 so far. Click on the pictures to see them bigger!

Monday, April 15th (105/105): we are going a bit greener this year and using a fabric bag for our grocery shopping instead of taking the supermarket plastic ones.
Tuesday, April 15th (106/106): Yay!!! My bathroom´s wall is finished. Read this post for a "before" picture. Now we only need to replace the white wood trimming around the door. 

Wednesday, April 16th (107/107): our 20th wedding anniversary. Picture taken by our daughter. :)
Thursday, April 18th (108/108): yes, the bouquet was THAT big. :D
Friday, April 19th (109/109): the ruler covers the kids school name. Why a copy of "Language practice exercises" is the main event of the day? Because I received a text from another mom asking if I needed a copy as she was going to the copy shop. Usually I´m the one offering help and to be on the receiving end was a welcomed change. :)

Saturday, APril 20th (110/110): dinner at "El candado" in Martinez for our anniversary. Such a pretty place! Have a look at their site here
Sunday, April 20th (111/111): in case it´s your first time here: both my kids, my cousin, her boy and myself are into animé conventions. I also take some of Tati´s friends along. This time we went to a Miku´s concert. 
My daughter Tatiana (on the left) went dressed as 96Neko and one of her friend Candela (on the right) was Rin. They both entered the cosplay contest. As there was a tech issue Tati sang in Japanese ... a capella! Brave girl. Proud mom. ;)  


Carrie Whittemore said...


Erin Hatton said...

Interesting collection of life! :) Congrats on your anniversary.

misteejay said...

Happy Anniversary...hope you both had a great day.

Love the photos Paula.

Toni xx

Sian said...

Happy anniversary! That's a lovely happy anniversary photo.

Last week it became law here that the shops have to charge 5 pence for each plastic bag. There are a lot more cloth bags about this week!


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