Friday, April 26, 2013

Denise Thewissen on Paint Party Friday

For Creative Every Day challenge 2013 by Leah Piken Kolidas, I´m taking at least a picture a day for the whole year. Each week I have an international artists as a guest to illustrate the week.

This week is llustrated by the very talented and fun Denise Thewissen. I found Denise through her blog Denthe: Vibrant art for colourful people. Her step by step process photographs of her paintings are fascinating. I love to see the pieces develop and change right in front of my eyes.

The piece she created for this ocassion is powerful and full of meaning as it is linked to Anzac Day.

Here´s what she wrote about it:
ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and on the 25th of April the Australians who have died in wars are commemorated. Originally it was a remembrance of the battle at Gallipoli during World War I.
I decided to draw 17 young guys, surrounding part of a beautiful poem by Laurence Binyon. I felt it was a fitting tribute to this week, and a reminder of the lunacy of war, which has taken (and still takes) so many young lives."

Thank you so much Denise for your contribution to this project! The 17 faces are so expressive, each has its own personality. 

Where can you find Denise on line?

* Her blog, Denthe:
* Her Facebook page:
* Her cute Etsy shop:
* Her site:


Nordljus said...

What a beautiful painting and poem. Thanks for sharing her work, I think your series of featuring different artists is a wonderful idea, and a great source for finding inspiration.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Yes you are right !She really makes "Great ARTWORK"!
Happy PPF


Linda said...

I love Denise's work-thanks for sharing another beautiful project of hers with us this week! Happy PPF!

JoyCorcoran said...

Thanks for sharing -- art is all about sharing and collaborating and finding inspiration where ever we are.

denthe said...

Thanks so much for this post Paula! I'm honored to be contributing to your project!

Annabelle said...

Hi Paula,

I so glad you show cased Denise's woe and specifically the ANZAC .It was the one art piece that strongly sent a message, very endearing and close to the heart. Thanks for sharing.

Corrine at said...

What a lovely tribute to Denthe's work. I love watching her process to. Thanks also for the history lesson to go along with it. Happy PPF

misteejay said...

What a great image for that poem.

Toni xx


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