Saturday, June 01, 2013

May´s 2013 summary and June plans

For Creative Every Day challenge 2013 by Leah Piken Kolidas, I´m taking at least a picture a day for the whole year. This is my fourth time around with the Pic-a-day project and at the end of each month I make a mosaic of the month´s pictures and also summarize it in numbers for the My month in numbers feature by Julie Kirk.  Here are some inspirational instructions on how to go about it. 

I´ve taken  all but one of the possible pictures for 2013 so far, here are the 31 that I chose for May from the 104 I will be keeping: CLICK ON ANY PICTURE TO MAKE IT BIGGER

FC Bayern München is the new Champion in the Champions League final at Wembley in north London. I could give you loads of stats but I won´t. ;)

~ Two classmates worked with Tati on their Biologie paper. Top grades for the girls!

~ After phoning each service company to check how many years I had to keep the proof of payment, I went through 15 years of service bills to declutter what was not needed.
~ 1 big fire to dispose of the documents
~ 8 boxes of letters and cards kept
~ A ton of leaflets, newspaper clippings and magazine articles thrown away to be recycled.
~ 2255 plastic bottle caps gathered for charity
~ 1 (my first!) interview as a blogger. Thank you Delia from Blog Formatting for the clear and fun questions. Read the whole interview here.
~ 1 award for my blog. Thank you Susana for the honour. 

~ Finished two organizing projects: 
the medicines drawer

under the vanitory
~ Table for ten for Sunday lunch.

* In June is Father´s Day Month and Ayala Art is holding a "June guys" challenge. It is exactly like the 29 faces one but with human male faces only. Zombies, trolls, vampires and elves welcome. Inanimate things or objects with a face, are a no-no for this challenge.  To read more about this challenge click here.

* On the last day of May I saw people talking on line about a one-post-a-day-project called WordCount Blogathon. I resisted all of 20 minutes and then signed up. ;)


bookworm said...

Welcome to the Blogathon! I think you will get a lot out of it. I like the photo a day project - right now my iPhone has about 2200 pictures on it. I got it last May and I've deleted enough. But I don't take photos every day.

Julie Kirk said...

That's a 8lot* of bottle caps ... and don't they look pretty all together like that?!

You really do like structure with all your blogging challenges etc don't you - have fun with the new one.

And well done to the girls for doing so well!

I've added you to the board now:

Happy June!

Julie :-)

misteejay said...

Another great collection of photos Paula - your organisation shots show how well you are doing with your project to de-clutter and get things sorted.

Toni xx

Susan said...

Ooh, I LOVE your photo-a-day project. I'm filing that in my ideas journal. Although I can't commit to it at the moment (since I'm already in overwhelm), it's calling to me and usually that means it won't be long until it jumps into my schedule! Thanks for the inspiration, Paula!

Melissa Stebbins said...

Wow, can't believe you had 15 years worth of files. Well done with your organizing projects this month and your blog award.

Melissa said...

Ok I have to comment on the caps too! They are so colourful. Sounds like May was a great month for you. Oh and I love seeing records management in action (love the fire!)

Michelle Nahom said...

That was the way I was with the WordCount challenge too. I went back and forth before I finally caved!

KraftyKaren said...

Wow who got the job of counting the bottle tops. I collect for a friend but thankfully get to just hand the bag over without counting them.

You are looking very organized - i am currently doing this for my kitchen and never think to take photos for MinN

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thanks Alana! The pic-a-day is both a creative and a spiritual practice as I´m looking everyday for the goodness in ordinary life. :)

Yes, Julie I thrive on structure but don´t like routine so I keep joininhg different things around teh web. :D

Thanks Toni! we are entering teh final mad stage. ;)

I soooo understand the feeling Susan! :)

A fearful nature and spare space was that kept all that paper home Melissa. I´m changing that.

Yes! The bonfire was the best part Melissa. :D

I got the Blogathon challenge from you Michelle!

We made 10x10 squares to make it easier. I´m the random data fan girl Karen. :D

Nathalie said...

I really like your photo of the bottle caps! Nobody does anything with them here :(
Looks like you had a good organizing and decluttering month of May!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Nathalie, I know there are two guys making floors from them! They look really cool. You might find some charity/recyclers in your area. Or make an art piece. :D


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