Sunday, June 02, 2013

Keep it simple, make it great #4.1 The landing space aka the drop zone

"Your entryway is the first and last room your guests see, so creating a welcoming and memorable space is key. An entryway is more than a simple doorway; it’s the space where the transition is made from the exterior, public world to the interior, private world. The entry or foyer also offers visitors the first view of your home, so its significance is greater than its size. "
birthday party favours

 "In reality, this means that entryways are drop zones. Car keys, purses, grocery bags and backpacks — not to mention mail, cell phones, and shoes, coats and scarves — all end up being carried into in this space. Visitors are often squeezed in amid the many everyday items. Serving as a bridge between private and public spaces, a place to meet guests, and an area for controlling the clutter of everyday life is a lot to ask of one small space. Meeting all these needs without overwhelming either the room or the people in it takes careful planning."


Let´s get to work!
Day 1: The house keys. Designate a place where all the family can leave their house keys. If you look carefully you will see a silver box on our mantelpiece, that is my place to leave my keys when I come in. :)

Day 2: The car keys. This is specially important if several persons drive the same car. Running around the house looking for possible places where the keys might be is not the best way to start your day.

Day 3: The wallet. Trays work very well for this. Dump the wallet and credit cards here and you won´t have to look through purses and pockets for them.
Day 4: the phones and the phone chargers. Do you keep your phone on you at all times? Do you place it by your bed at night?

Day 5: random stuff. We all have this. Random bits of paper with lists and phone numbers. Hair bands, bubble gum packets, sun glasses, water bottles ...
This is where it gets tricky because we are dealing with family habits that might prove hard to break but there is hope. ;)
First we need to go through what is already there. We throw out what we can. Eg: write all the phone numbers in your address book and discard the paper scraps.
And we find a home for the other things. If you don´t know where somebody else´s things go take them to their room. They (or maybe be you) will deal with that later.
From this point onwards your new mantra is "Don´t put it down, put it away". Use it for yourself and sweetly ask the others to help you on this as well. You can do it. They can do it. Make it into a game, time the process, make up songs, whatever makes it fun (or challenging for those who like the thrill) for all involved.

Day 6: Saturdays are lists days.

Day 7: your day off.


Dayna Camp said...

ooooo! This is so good! I've always had small piles of things. It's because I just don't know where things go! But your tips are going to be very helpful. I love the entryway ideas too.

Suzanne Shumaker said...

Organization is one of my life's biggest challenges! Thank you for posting some good tips and tricks. Your pics are inspirational as well :)

misteejay said...

My front entrance isn't too bad as there isn't a great deal of space to leave anything. However, coats do tend to get thrown over the post at the foot of the stairs (especially if damp)rather than put away in the cupboard under the stairs...a habit that is very difficult to break.

Toni xx

Ashley Howland said...

We come in the back way which at least leaves the front one clear. we to ohave spots for everything, but you actually have to use them to make them effective. Wish i was more organize, great post!

Sophie Bowns said...

I LOVE your pictures & the fire place it looks very similar to ours. Thanks for sharing some great tips with us all!

Carrie Whittemore said...

If there is an empty horizontal space, it doesn't stay empty long here... sigh...


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