Monday, June 03, 2013

Week #22 2013 Organizing "corners"

If you are looking for this year´s decluttering and organizing posts click here!
This month we will be taking care of the entryway/foyer. For daily tips on both the practical and the spiritual process you can also follow my Facebook page

For Creative Every Day challenge 2013 by Leah Piken Kolidas, I´m taking at least a picture a day for the whole year. I´ve checked 152 out of the possible 153 pictures for 2013 so far. Click on the pictures to see them bigger!

My guest to illustrate this week is creativity coach Ginny Lennox, who sent me this beautiful landscape for week #22.
Ever wondered what a creativity coach actually does? Read Ginny´s interview to find out!

And now on to my weekly summary in pics.Monday, May 27th (146/147): as part of the decluttering process we are getting rid of a lot of old newspaper clippings, fliers and magazines. After sending a whole lot to recycle I checked my 2012 art file and I hadn´t saved a picture of July´s issue of the OhLaLa magazine which I use for my Full Moon Boards. Cue to grumpy memory keeper until ... it surfaced at another magazine holder! Yay! Here it is July 2012. My  photo collection is complete. Happy bunny.
Tuesday, May 28th (147/148): hail in Buenos Aires. That´s our backyard on Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday, May 29th (148/149): thrilled and all kinds of happy! Delia from Blog Formatting interviews me on my blogging story.  That´s my laptop showing the blog post and the date. 

Thursday, May 30th (149/150): part of the organzing process. Guess what that is? Both my kids drawings, one line per kid, one pile per year. I talked to them years ago and stated that we couldn´t keep alllllllll their work, so I was going to choose a few from each year. I kept them in separate folders from 2004 to 2006 and then ... just piled them up since then to 2012. Yea, life happens. ;)  I went through the lot and separated them as you see here. After that I used a plastic sleeve for each lot and put all in a binder. Now it is easily accesible and retrievable.
Friday, May 31st (150/151): the final touches to the bathroom reorganizing. 

Saturday, June 1st (151/152): organizing is contagious. Lol! This is my husbands tool shed. As part of the decluttering and organizing of the kitchen he will be painting the ceilings again, so he went through the paint pots just as I was recovering one of the baskets for another corner. He saw the ones that were available and he divided his car washing stuff and the painting materials in different baskets too. Nice and tidy.
Sunday, June 2nd (152/153): another tiny bit of organizing. This time the cooking magazines. Instead of sliding all over the place, they are now all together in a cardboard magazine file. I´ve been "thinking" about it for months!
Bonus tracks from around town:

autumn in Buenos Aires


AmyG said...

You're right that organizing is contagious. All your photos are so inspiring! My daughter and I have been spending an hour a day in our junkiest area: the attic! Every day when our timer goes off, we are loathe to quit, it's so much fun to see progress!

misteejay said...

Gosh, all that hail - we seem to have a bit of sun at last here in the UK but temps are still not as wonderful as would be hoped for June.

That landscape is beautiful.

Congrats on your blog interview.

Toni xx

Mary said...

I love the peeks into your organizing! Thanks so much for linking up!


Delia @ Blog Formatting said...

I am so happy to have been part of your excitement! Thanks so much for answering the blogging questions on my blog :)


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